A Cosy Halloween: Our Tips For A Halloween Night-In


Georgia Crabtree - October 28, 2019 Hi, I'm Georgia! One of the Happy Beds content writers. When I'm not here you can find me sipping a strong coffee, desperately trying to finish my novel whilst attempting to train my two naughty house bunnies!

A Cosy Halloween: Our Tips For A Halloween Night-In

We are well and truly in autumn now. Stunning burnt orange leaves flood the streets, the smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon fills every coffee shop, cable knit jumpers reappear and fires and central heating come out of hibernation. 

Autumn is so many people’s favourite month, particularly because of Halloween. 

Halloween is always a tricky one for me, what is there to do? Do I go out in my costume in the freezing cold? It, unfortunately, falls on a Thursday night this year, so I can’t attend any big parties on the night because no partying on a school night. Here are some things to do on Halloween at home that the Happy Beds team suggested to me. 

Get Carving

Pumpkin carving is the most obvious thing you can do to get yourself in the Halloween spirit! Carving pumpkins has been around since early 1800. Well, jack-o’-lanterns have been anyway. The Celts in Ireland carved faces into turnips and placed candles in them to ward off evil spirits. 

Nowadays, pumpkin carving is seen as a fun activity to do with children in the lead up to Halloween – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it too!

If you want to get super artsy with your pumpkin carving, you can carve, spray paint, and cover them in glitter, or anything else you could possibly think of. You could even try and tackle this Van Gough Starry Night inspired pattern if you’re feeling really brave. 

Cosy Up for a Halloween Themed Movie Night

Light some fairy lights and cosy up in your bed with a hot chocolate (or a glass of wine). Watching a movie is a relatively obvious choice, we know, but it is a great way to relax. 

Horror and slasher films are popular this time of year, so why not go traditional and watch Psycho? Or the 90s classic Scream - a brilliant meta-horror masterpiece - or if gore is more your thing, try one of the many Saw films. 

We know that horror isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, if it isn’t yours, you’ll be happy to know that there are some really great Halloween themed movies with not a drop of blood in sight! The Nightmare Before Christmas is a personal favourite - especially if you want to prematurely get in the Christmas spirit as well (and who doesn’t), or you could watch film favourite Hocus Pocus and relive your childhood. 

Just have your popcorn at the ready, and make sure you can hear the door for trick or treaters and you’re in for a good night! 

Tasty Treats

Halloween is the perfect time to snack on all things sweet. I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you’re not planning on going trick or treating. So why not bake yourself some goodies? 

Using your leftover pumpkin from carving is a great way to bake something Halloween-esque. Martha Stewart has a great recipe for Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and you could even make your furry friend a treat and make some Pumpkin & Flax Seed Good-Dog Treats! If pumpkin isn’t your thing, don’t panic! These spooky Halloween biscuits might be for you.

Switch Off and Read

Reading is another great way to spend your Halloween night in, and, much like films, there are many Halloween themed books that you can read. The list is endless. And even better, you can do this from your bed.

Many of Stephen King’s novels are suited to Halloween reading and consider old classics like The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly and The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Alternatively, if scary isn’t your thing, maybe try Harry Potter. The first book, in particular, has a spectacular Halloween chapter and, after all, there is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight.

Use Halloween as an excuse to disconnect and be technology free, this could even aid you in getting a better night’s sleep. Read our blog post 8 Top Tips for a Healthy Night's Sleep for more sleep tips. Maybe even try our beautiful lavender infused mattress to help you relax and drift off into a deep, nightmare-free sleep after you put your book down.  

Share Your Halloween Plans With Us

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween this year? Throwing a crazy fancy dress party or do you have more cosy night in plans? Either way, let us know what you’ll be up to and share your pictures with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

We only hope after a night of scary films and books, you manage to get some uninterrupted shut eye! 

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