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How to Create a Boudoir Style Bedroom

How to Create a Boudoir Style Bedroom

If you’re looking for romantic bedroom ideas, then a boudoir style bedroom makeover could be just what you’re searching for. Rich, luxurious, and a little out-of-the-norm, this décor is not for the faint-hearted.

Here are a few tips from our team and Jo Hughes at Cloud Nine Interiors on how to introduce boudoir style into your master:


Be Bold with Colour

Traditionally, bedrooms are painted in cool and soothing colours to ensure the décor doesn’t distract us from sleep, but boudoir style is designed around the best bedroom colours for romance.

Red is synonymous with romance and boudoir style, but if you’re not ready to paint your walls this vibrant shade quite yet, why not add pops of colour using soft furnishings and accessories.

Red throw cushions, bedding and flowers will all add a touch of class and make your space feel truly opulent.


Go French when Selecting Furniture

The word ‘boudoir’ is French and was traditionally an upper-class woman’s private sitting room or salon next to their bedroom. Over the years, the term has often been used to describe the ornate style of furniture that would have once been found in these rooms.

So, if you want to add boudoir style to your bedroom, look for furniture with a French influence. Think plenty of curves, high-quality wood and delicate detail work. Our Paris furniture range is the perfect modern example.

As Jo told us:

‘The bed can be a focal point in this decor scheme; think French style wooden bed or oversized velvet headboard, layer luxury fabrics such as silk and faux fur throws, and you immediately create a real sense of decadence.

‘Damask wallpaper, chandelier style lighting and mirrored furniture can further provoke feelings of old-style glamour.’


Go Moody with Dim Lighting

There is nothing more romantic than a candle-lit evening. There’s just something about the soft twinkle of the flames which creates a relaxed and romantic space.

However, if fire makes you nervous, you can create a similar effect with lamps, fairy lights, or a dimmer switch. The lower light will also be conducive to sleep too!


Be Opulent and Choose Rich Fabrics

From fur throws to Egyptian cotton sheets, if you’re looking for boudoir style and an opulent feel, it is all in the touch. Consider the fabrics used in your bedroom and mix and match to create depth and texture.

Jo says:

‘The word boudoir conjures up the words such as glamour, elegance and vintage. Achieving a boudoir style bedroom doesn’t necessarily involve the use of tassels and swathes of sumptuous velvet, although both are still a popular interior trend.

‘If space allows, introduce an ottoman covered in a luxe fabric at the bottom of the bed for instant elegance and, for extra drama, install a large piece of artwork above the bed.’

For something a little special, take a look at our crushed velvet beds and the new Grande Steel Crushed Velvet Fabric Bed, with cushion finish and jewel touches. It has unrivalled attention to detail!

What’s Your Idea of Romantic Bedroom Décor?

From boudoir bedroom furniture with French influences to a warm red and black bedroom, whatever your idea of a romantic master bedroom, we’d love to hear it. Let us know how you’re adding a touch of romance to your décor via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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