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Day Beds vs Sofa Beds: Choosing the Right One for Your Spare Room

Day Beds vs Sofa Beds: Choosing the Right One for Your Spare Room

Though both have eclectic uses and are fairly similar choices, there are some distinguishing aspects between day beds and sofa beds. Both masquerade as furniture above beds, both can subtly accommodate guests overnight and both can easily assimilate to a variety of different rooms in the house, both day and sofa beds make excellent additions to the home.

…But which one serves as the best choice? Last week the day bed had it’s, well, day, but now it’s time to put them side by side to see which one works best in which home. Whether you pick one for a home office, place it in a lounge or make it a staple of a spare room, either a day bed or a sofa bed is sure to please guests.

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Advantages of Day Beds

  • Perfect for guests
  • Single mattress size
  • Stylish

For those who are definitively seeking a piece of furniture to serve as a guest bed, a day bed is the way to go. Guest beds are roughly defined by having three sides to them and being large enough to accommodate single mattresses, so this larger frame certainly lends itself well to those sleeping on it frequently.

This three-sided nature often makes the day beds overall sense of aesthetic better too, with a fine example of such being Happy Beds’ Cooper that utilises soft fabric padding around the entire frame. Their designs often feature enriching factors too, such as trundle bed sections that provide second sleeping areas, as well as storage options to keep spare rooms clean and clear.

Happy Beds Cooper Day Bed

Disadvantages of Day Beds

  • Mattress sometimes not included

Despite the advantages of day beds there are certain disadvantages; including some that mirror each other. One example of this double edge sword element is the fact that most, if not all, times you have to source your own mattress. This can work out well in case you have guests who need a specific firm mattress or if you choose a really soft mattress for a really soft seat, yet the fact remains that you need to buy one.


Advantages of Sofa Beds

Sofa Beds, however, enjoy many benefits; the most prominent one probably looking and feeling mostly like a sofa. It is in the name after all, yet this kind general style means that they really can be placed in virtually any room.

Most of the time the design of a sofa bed will also accommodate those wishing to starfish a little, with the back of the sofa being able to slide down and make one large sleeping space. They are also amply padded upon arrival, much as one would desire from a sofa, so unlike day beds no additional purchases are required. There’s also the sofa beds that fold out to make a proper bed, though that’s not universal to the category.

Happy Beds Sofa Bed

Disadvantages of Sofa Beds

  • Require folding out
  • Petite

Not all is perfect in the realm of sofa beds though, as that previous point does mean that effort is required for a sofa bed to transform from a sofa to a bed.

They are also generally smaller than day beds, so large or tall guests may find themselves with their feet and/or legs hanging off the side.

The aforementioned padding also means that, after years of love and use, a sofa bed may become somewhat lump or damaged without any simple means of revitalising them.


So, Which Should You Choose? Daybed or Sofa Bed?

As is often the case between two similar choices, it’s preference that often decides the winner. Those seeking something more accommodating, large and reliable as a sleeping space may wish to opt for a day bed, whereas those looking for a good addition to the home that serves its purpose well whilst occasionally acting as a bed may want to pick a sofa bed.

No matter what option has taken your heart you may be pleased to know that there is an abundance of choice for either at Happy Beds.

If you’ve got any preferences, arguments for or against either sofa or day beds or just have any pressing questions then why not get in touch? Feel free to tweet us, find us on Facebook and tag us on Instagram!

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