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Who Designed the World’s Coolest Bed? Competition Finalists and Winner Revealed

Who Designed the World’s Coolest Bed? Competition Finalists and Winner Revealed

The shortlist is in, and the winner of our bed drawing competition to find British children’s dream beds can now be revealed.

Joy Richards, Sleep Specialist at Happy Beds, said:

“We were looking for kids’ bed designs that adults simply can’t think of – the more outlandish and creative designs, the better – and these designers did just that.

“I’m so impressed by the creativity of schoolchildren across the country. And who knows, some of these children could well have a product design job at Happy Beds in a few years’ time!”


The Finalists Are…

Chloe Snowden, Aged 9

Chloe drew a multi-coloured hot air balloon bed, perfect for young explorers. She suggested that the mattress would comfortably sit in the basket, and there would be storage drawers underneath. This would be finished with a bookshelf and table attachment to the side.

We loved how colourful and imaginative this bed was, and that she still considered the practicalities.


Freedom Okonkwo, Aged 10

Freedom also liked the idea of a travel-themed bed, creating a plane triple sleeper, with a cockpit simulator at the foot-end of the bed. As with an aeroplane, you’d enter each bunk through the stairs and there would be a slide that loops downwards.

We shortlisted Freedom’s design for its uniqueness – plus, we’d love to try the simulator for ourselves!


James Priddy, Aged 5

We chose James’ pirate-themed bed because he was kind enough to share his dream with his brother. James’ dream bed design is for a pirate ship bunk bed for the duo, complete with cannons, a slide, and climbing wall.

We love the idea of a treasure chest full of toys!


Lily, Aged 10

Lily’s dream bed had to make the top ten for its happy and welcoming design. She said you can only have good dreams when you sleep in her dream bed.

Fit with a reading swing, slide and rainbow flag, this pink, heart-covered dream bed would look great in almost any child’s bedroom.


Lucy, Aged 11

Everyone loves ice cream, right? Well, Lucy’s dream is for an ice cream van bunk bed with a front window and wheels so she and her sister can pretend they’re driving. It is finished with pink and white striped curtains and a slide.

We wanted to shortlist Lucy for her politeness. Even though we asked for extreme, out-of-this-world creations, she said it was ok if a slide was not possible.


Oliver Cook, Aged 8

Oliver’s dream bed is a colourful rainbow fort bunk bed, with a slide. He thought to include drawings of sheep on his bed, so he could count them and fall asleep quicker.

We shortlisted Oliver’s design as he thought hard about the purpose of the bed when designing and wants to improve his sleep. It looks like his pet liked it too!


Olivia Thorpe, Aged 9

Olivia’s inventive design has a rainforest theme. She dreams of a high sleeper, surrounded by her favourite plants and toy animals. She has been shortlisted as placing plants in your bedroom can be a great sleep aid.

Read more: Plants in the Bedroom: How and Why They Can Help Improve Your Sleep


Ruby Kemp, Aged 8

Ruby’s dream bed is a carousel with a mermaid theme and flicking a switch will see the bed rotate. Ruby’s dream bed has shelves, drawers, and is finished with shell lights. It’s been shortlisted for its artistic details!


Ryan, Aged 10

Never mind George of the Jungle, this bed design belongs to Ryan. His dream bed has multiple layers: one jungle, one dinosaur, and the last animal-themed. His bunk bed has a swing trap door, vines as a ladder, and a hammock for his teddy bears.

We shortlisted Ryan’s bed for his bravery. We’re not sure we’re strong enough to sleep in a crocodile’s mouth!


And, the Winner Is…

Astrid Fairhead-Abrahams, aged 6.

Astrid from East Anglia is officially our winning artist behind ‘Britain’s dream kids’ bed’.

Astrid’s rocket bunk bed blew our judges away with its planet theme, complete with a fold-out wing desk, starry storage drawers, and flamed headboard. The bunk also has a little, friendly alien to keep her and her sister company, and is placed on a circular, planet rug.

As our winner, Astrid’s design will now be brought to life. The bed is now being created by Happy Beds’ bespoke bed designer, and we hope to have it delivered and in place very soon.

Keep an eye on The Comfort Zone and our social channels for a photo of the finished product!

Congratulations Astrid!

You can read our round-up about all the design submissions we received in our post: What Does A Child’s Dream Bed Look Like?


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