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DIY During Lockdown: How to Transform Your Bedroom

DIY During Lockdown: How to Transform Your Bedroom

Why not get the most out of what's left of lockdown and get your DIY on? There's still time before the warmer weather takes over, and we're all sat out in our gardens!

Keep your lockdown weekends busy by making small and simple transformations to your bedroom that will make a massive difference. Take a look at our easy DIY home projects, and let's get you started on your dream bedroom transformation!

Walls Made Wonderful

woodbury warm stone
Image: @54renovation Bed: Woodbury Warm Stone

Do Your Own Wall Panelling!

Panelling is the latest DIY trend that we can't get enough of! The art of transforming your bedroom has never been so easy - and affordable! Not only is panelling an ideal solution for hiding marks and imperfections on your walls, it immediately adds style and interest to a featureless bedroom.

Wall panelling is minimalistic in style, allowing it to adapt to both modern and contemporary homes. There are so many variations to choose from; you could go floor to ceiling, or anywhere in between! Paint it bold, or paint it beige: design your wall panelling to pop with your personality.

Simply measure up your wallspace, then head to your local B&Q or Wilkos and pick up some MDF (medium density fibreboard). And the best thing is, you don't even need to use nails to put it up, just use No More Nails glue for a smooth application! All that's left is to purchase your choice of paint, and voila! You have a completely fresh and transformed space!

Shelving in Style

shelving unit

Shelving is a sure way to create more space during your DIY home project. It can bring a new decorative uplift to your home, as well as utilising practical storage. There are a vast amount of shelving options available! You could repurpose old crates, hang your shelves with rope or old belts, or even use a pegboard. For even more, lookhere.

However, it is important to consider what you want to put on your shelves before choosing which type, as each style can hold a different amount of weight - we wouldn't want your partners favourite antique ornament to go crashing to the floor!

Take your DIY project to the next level and varnish or paint your shelves in your favourite style. Not only are shelves an ideal storage solution, they double up as a great display area. Use your DIY shelving unit to add character to your home. This could be by displaying your favourite books, or by boosting your bedroom with some plantlife.

Create Your Own Gallery Wall

gallery wall

A gallery wall is a fun and creative way to showcase your interests by making your bedroom transformation unique to you. It's the art of using multiple photo frames to create a feature wall. This can consist of as many pieces as you wish; you may want to fill a little section of your wall, or completely fill it.

We recommend first picking a theme you'd like to go with. Whether that be a colour palette preference or subject themed, such as nature, typography, or abstract art, or even photographs of your loved ones. The great thing about a DIY gallery wall is that it's completely customisable and personal to your taste.

And don't be afraid to experiment with your frames! Look at frames of different sizes, colours and styles. If you find a style you like, but the colour isn't right for you, you can always take your DIY project a bit further and purchase some paint. There really is no limit to how creative you can go with this!

Work out your perfect arrangement by laying all the prints on the floor. Maybe you want them positioned in a strict grid format, or more relaxed and randomly scattered. Move them around until you're happy with the arrangement and then make sure to take a photo that you can refer to when you start hanging.

Finally, when hanging your photo frames, our top tip is to start from the middle print and work your way out. We would also like to introduce Command strips as your new best friend for this DIY home project: they're incredibly simple to use and are perfect for avoiding putting holes in your bedroom walls - especially if your walls aren't very strong!

Upcycling Furniture Is The New Buying

Add a new lease of life to your chest of drawers by repainting them. If there's a piece of furniture that's looking like it's seen better days, why not upcycle it, rather than spending money on a new one? Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but it will save you money!

Ensure to fully prep before starting your new DIY project: wipe the furniture down first to avoid any lumps and bumps in your paint. You might even have to sand it down slightly, if there's any splints or sharp pieces of wood. Take the furniture outside or lay on an old piece of cloth. Once your furniture's surfaces are smooth, clean and dry, and sitting on a protective area, it's time to get painting!

Go bold with your colour choice, you could make this piece of upcycled furniture a statement piece! Be as imaginative as you like. A simple hack is to replace the drawer knobs, as it can make such a huge difference to the furniture's appearance. Or mix it up by giving it a glossy finish! Before you know it, you'll have given your piece of furniture with an entirely new aesthetic, perfect for making your bedroom transformation stand out.

Your Next Level Bedroom Transformation

Now that you've put your DIY home skills to the test, you might want to take your bedroom transformation to the next level by treating yourself to a new bed! After all, you've just saved yourself money by getting savvy with your upcycling furniture and DIY skills.

Add a final touch of personality to your bedroom by designing your own bed using our Build Your Own Bed feature.

We'd love to see if you've put any of our DIY tips to use! Show us by posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and tagging us!

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