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Extreme Beds and the Most Unusual Places to Sleep

Extreme Beds and the Most Unusual Places to Sleep

Apart from your bedroom, we’re sure many of you have slept in some unusual places: whether it was on a sun lounger or on a bus, on the sofa or in a tent anything can be billed as a contemporary bed today. But if you’d prefer to relax somewhere a little more unique, then why not book a night’s stay at one of these wonderful locations:

Natura Vive Skylodge, Sacred Valley, Peru

If a great view with your morning cuppa is a prerequisite when booking holiday accommodation, then you’ll adore this Skylodge in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Admittedly though, this isn’t for you if you’re scared of heights or are reluctant to walk far.

The Natura Vive Skylodge consists of a transparent glass pod that hangs from one of the highest peaks in the valley. Visitors will not only experience spectacular views, but a gourmet dinner and breakfast the following morning too.


The Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

The Treehotel is world famous for its six unusual rooms nestled among majestic pine woodland.

From a bird’s nest style treehouse and a cube completely camouflaged due to a mirrored exterior, to a room resembling a UFO, a stay here is unlike any other.


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No Man’s Fort, Solent, Portsmouth, England

Imagine staying in a luxurious, all-inclusive resort that is built upon its own private island in the middle of the ocean. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit No Man’s Fort.

Once a Victorian fort, built to protect the nearby city from attacks, it is now a luxury hotel with 22 bedrooms and stunning 360° views of the sea. Visitors will also have access to its two helipads, the laser quest arena, nightclub, wine bar and spa.


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Hotel Kakslauttanen, Lapland, Finland

Who wouldn’t want to lie in bed looking up at the starry night sky through a crystal-clear, snow-surrounded, glass igloo?

Located next to a National Park, Hotel Kakslauttanen is like something out of a fairytale and is also home to the world’s largest snow restaurant.

Hotel de Glace, Quebec, Canada

Do you remember when 007 raced around an ice palace in his Aston Martin? Well, why not stay somewhere similar? Hotel de Glace is built every year from 400 tonnes of ice; it’s delicately carved so no one room is the same from year to year.

Everything is made of snow and ice: the walls, floor, even the furniture! But don’t worry, there are still creature comforts like a soft mattress and plenty of blankets.


Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

The ultimate treehouse, Finca Bellavista is nestled deep in the Costa Rican jungle with breathtaking views out over the tree canopy below.

The only neighbours here are the toucans and monkeys that live in the trees, so visitors can truly escape in seclusion.


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Crane Hotel, Harlingen, The Netherlands

Cranes may not have been made to look beautiful, but the views you can experience from one is awe-inspiring. That’s why this hotel decided to build a room 150ft up a crane based on Harlingen dockside.

The crane slowly rotates too, so visitors will experience 360 degree panoramic views of the Wadden Sea.

Jumbo Stay Hotel, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

If you’re an aviation fan, then you won’t find a better place to stay than here.

A former Boing 727 has been gutted and transformed into a hotel right next to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Sleep in a luxurious suite in the cockpit and watch as planes come into land overhead.

Sala Silvermine, Sala, Sweden

Book a night’s stay in Sala Silvermine and you will find yourself in the world’s deepest bedroom. This suite is located 155m underground within a disused silver mine that has now been transformed into a museum.

So, as well as a good night’s sleep, visitors can explore the area’s local industrial history first hand too.

Underwater Suites, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Dubai is known for its outlandish hotel accommodation, but very few rooms have such a unique aspect as these.

The Underwater Suites at the Atlantis, The Palm are, you guessed it, underwater and therefore have views of the stunning tropical fish that live among the sands here. Just watch out for divers!

Skip the Extreme and Choose Comfort

If some of those unusual bedrooms have got your head spinning at just the thought, then don’t stress.

Why not zhoosh up your own bedroom and make it feel as deluxe as some of these hotels with a brand new bed? You could even custom design it so it’s truly bespoke.

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Whether it's a bunk bed or a new divan bed, there's always a way to be spice up your bedroom furniture, but maybe not quite to the extremes mentioned above...

Anyway, if you fancy learning a little bit more about the importance of a proper sleep, regardless of the bed you're in, take a look at a few of our blogs below.

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