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Extrovert or Introvert? Make Your Bedroom Match Your Personality!

Extrovert or Introvert? Make Your Bedroom Match Your Personality!

Here at Happy Beds, we've put together some bedroom interiors and what kind of personality styles may suit them best! It's not a perfect guide of course, but the joy of decorating is that you can customise it to your own needs!

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home; it's where you let yourself be vulnerable by changing clothes or sleeping through the night. As such, it's understandable that your bedroom interior will give a lot away about your personality. But have you considered specifically catering your bedroom design to match who you are as a person?

How to match your bedroom to your personality

Inspired By Nature

Taking Inspiration from Nature

We can all agree that people who love to fill their home with plants and flowers are pretty confident. It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that real plants are cared for properly and don't accidentally wither away. Some people just naturally have a green thumb and it makes sense that this bedroom interior would match those with a confident and adventurous personality style.

Wood is an ideal material to pair your nature-infused bedroom with and we particularly love the traditional style of the Mission Waxed Pine Wooden Storage Bed (pictured above). But there's no need to limit yourself to one style as any bed can be used in a natural décor; it's your decorations that will make it truly work!

Pairing the wonders of nature with bold colours that give a fun-loving bedroom personality. Those who wake up to the beauty of nature and a splash of vivid colours will feel invigorated. Don't be surprised if you find out that people with this kind of bedroom décor are full of fun and always ready to go!

Inspired By Minimalism for a Calm Mind

Minimalist Room for a Calm Mind

This is likely the bedroom interior that you are most likely to see on Instagram or Pinterest. It's always very appealing to the eye but in reality, it's likely to be something that only those who are naturally organised and detail-oriented can pull off.

The minimalist bedroom design is perfect for those with personality styles that may be a little more introverted or those who feel a need to control their environment as the lack of clutter can help soothe a tired mind. We're not talking about minimalism as in - you simply don't have enough items to fill your room but instead a bedroom interior that has been carefully curated to evoke simplicity and order.

Neutral colour schemes excel in a minimalist bedroom interior and they can help to blend into the room without overpowering anything; perfect for those who want a sparse room to calm their mind. Metal beds, such as the Empress Chrome Finish Metal Bed (pictured in the above collage) are particularly ideal for minimalist bedroom personalities as they offer great versatility by mixing functionality with style.

Inspired By Artsy Decors

Artsy Décor for Devil-May-Care Dreamers

Do you like to spend your time daydreaming about all the wonderful things in the world? Do you like to reflect on both yourself and others or do you love to embrace your imagination in all ways possible? People with an artistic soul may find that their personality styles are more suitable to a room that not only embraces their inner creativity but inspires them as well!

Tapestries, florals, floaty fabrics and treasured trinkets are all the perfect way to make your bedroom personality speak for you. There may be no real coordination here in terms of the bedroom design but the décor personality is both loud and proud. You may enjoy displaying pop culture memorabilia or covering your walls in posters; no matter what you choose, it's a visual display of your personality on the show.

The best thing about being a creative soul is that you can take any kind of bed, or furniture, and truly make it yours. Bright and bold colours that may normally be shied away from can be embraced with enthusiasm, only helping to spur on your dream-like personality! The Loxley Mustard Velvet Bed is the perfect choice for any bubbly and energetic bedroom personalities. We've also got some useful tips on how to choose and display your preferred artwork!

Inspired By Timeless Romance

Timeless Romance for Modern Souls

If you're someone who enjoys romance films or maybe enjoys watching classic Disney films then a room that is equally as timeless may be the perfect match. An old-fashioned romantic at heart, you probably appreciate carefully decorated rooms that help to give off an almost princess-like appearance.

Match delicate colours together to form palettes that can suit a range of furniture styles to bring your bedroom personality to life. Maybe you want a bed that makes a bold statement as the centrepiece such as the Colorado Velvet Fabric Sleigh, as pictured in the collage above.

Or instead, you could choose a more neutral bed that allows your décor to reveal a personality style. Whatever you decide on for your bedroom interior, the romance style will be a blissful refuge away from the world. Bring some elegance to your bedroom by adding vintage furniture to keep the theme going while giving them a second lease of life!

Inspired By Rustic Design

A Rustic Touch for a Cosy Bedroom

When we think of a rustic bedroom, you might immediately think that you need to have a cottage. But that's not true; it's an easily accessible bedroom interior that can be achieved in any home, no matter the size or style! Those who have a soul which loves to wander free and find themselves alone with nature may find themselves drawn to a rustic décor, or as it's commonly called now: cottagecore!

This bedroom personality isn't the same as our previously mentioned nature style, though. While you may enjoy having a few plants in your bedroom, a rustic style is more about making it feel like a cosy hideaway from the rest of the world. Cottages evoke endless fields, tall forests or enchanting meadows and you can bring the charm of a cottage into your room!

Embrace plaid and check in your patterns and there's no limit to the colour schemes you can use. Just make sure not to use anything too bold as it likely won't fit the theme. Wooden furniture can particularly help to give a rustic feel to a room but there's no reason as to why you need to restrict yourself to this. The Woodbury Velvet Fabric Bed is a firm favourite and can help with space in your room thanks to all the useful storage drawers; leaving your room cosy but not cluttered!

What Does Your Bedroom Personality Say About You?

Does your bedroom say something different compared to what we've discussed? There's no one way to decorate a bedroom interior, just as there are no two people alike! Everyone is different and you may find yourself embracing multiple aspects of each bedroom décor to find the perfect blend for you.

Tell us what your bedroom says about you and how you've put your personal touches onto it by getting in touch via our social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! All our collages on this page were created using customer images so we'd love to see what your rooms look like!

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