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From Fabric Stains to Tarnished Metal: How to Clean Your Bed Properly

From Fabric Stains to Tarnished Metal: How to Clean Your Bed Properly

We sleep in it, we sit on it, we spend all of Sunday morning in it, but do we ever clean it? It’s a regular occurrence (I hope) for us to wash our bed sheets and pillow cases, yet it never crosses our minds to give our bed a scrub down.

Of course, the average bed goes through some wear and tear through regular use and, when a cup of coffee is spilt, urgency kicks in as we realise we have no idea how to clean our upholstered or metal beds!

Fear not, I’m here to help.

I understand there is no official guide to cleaning your bed (well, apart from our product care guide), so let me create one for you that you can easily re-visit every time you make a spill, notice a stain or you just want to refresh your bed to be sparkling clean and like-new. Here are the best tips and tricks to clean the various types of beds and what not to do.

What Will I Need?

So, you have the motivation to clean but you’re struggling to find the correct products to get the job done right. Grab your best dry cloths and towels and prepare to make a homemade master-cleaning-potion that will blast the stains out of the water. Using distilled water, baking soda, white vinegar, mild detergent, soap, baby powder and possibly some fragranced oils - if you’re feeling extra fancy - you can create a magic cleansing solution that will not only remove stains from your bed, but cleanse it and leave it smelling amazing.


How to Clean an Upholstered Bed

Woodbury Grey storage bed, Instagram, @newbuildtohome

Looking for cleaning tips for an upholstered headboard stain? Then I’ve got you covered.

The best way to clean an upholstered bed is to treat stains with liquid solutions with soap, baking soda or lemon juice to extract the problem stain before you go any further. Don’t be afraid to add liquid to the upholstered area, however ensure that you use straight wiping movements and avoid rubbing the upholstery as this may tarnish the bed frame - essentially achieving the opposite of what you intend to do.

Once the upholstered bed frame has been treated with the cleaning solution, be sure to blow dry the upholstery or blot out the liquid to bring the bed back to its original state – only cleaner!

If you have the appropriate tools, you can also steam clean upholstered headboards to draw out dirt and keep them fresh.


How to Clean a Leather Bed

Allendale Black Faux Leather Ottoman Bed, Happy Beds

There is nothing more terrifying than the idea of cleaning a leather bed frame, as there is so much that can go wrong in an instant. It is a known fact that authentic leather does not like liquid as this can shrink and ruin the leather material, which leaves many people confused as to how you can clean this form of fabric.

It is vital that before you begin the process, you should always check the manufacturer’s information of caring for your specific type of bed.

Leather bed frames are best cleaned with damp cloths with light soap added to it to avoid saturation and soaking. Simply wipe the surface in soft motions and buff it out to dry and to polish – this will add a shine to the leather and remove any stains or noticeable ageing.

Minor scratches can also be buffed out to maintain a clean exterior and hide signs of wear, but always be wary around leather furniture to not make any major damage to the bed.


How to Clean a Wooden Bed

Malmo White Wooden Ottoman Bed, Instagram, @our_home_interior_3

Wooden beds are robust and are a lot less likely to stain, however, there is nothing quite as frustrating as marking your beautiful wooden bed by accident or noticing signs of wear and ageing over time.

So, my first tip comes into play when shopping for a bed – I would recommend looking for a strong oak or pine wood with a resistant lacquer coating to provide strength against wear and damage.

Once you have the bed, cleaning a wooden headboard is fairly easy with polish and a dry cloth, which can fight bacteria and offer a pleasing shine to your bed in minutes! However, there are some issues which polish can’t fix such as chipping and staining.

Wooden beds can be painted for corrections and stains or even sanded to maintain shape and buff out scratches – always check for the correct products and procedures for your specific bed frame before getting these tools out!

Use these tips for a bedroom as fresh and beautiful as the Malmo White Wooden Ottoman Bed in @our_home_interior_3’s bedroom like in this lovely photo shared with us!

How to Clean a Velvet Bed

Downton Velvet Storage Bed, Instagram, @homeofmelchicos

It’s undeniable that velvet beds look glamorous and add luxury to any bedroom, yet the thought of damage and staining to our beautiful velvet beds strikes fear inside of us. Who knows, perhaps treatment of your velvet bed is exactly what your bedroom needs to achieve a gorgeous bedroom aesthetic like this customer’s image of the luxurious Downton Grey Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed.

When it comes to velvet, soap and detergent are your best friends. If you’re saddened over a sudden stain to your gorgeous velvet bed frame, a quick solution of soapy water and mild detergent can offer a swift and easy cleanse with the option to add in lemon juice or baking soda for extra power to fight stubborn stains.

It is fine to get velvet materials wet, as long as you use straight motions and do not rub the velvet fabric too vigorously and ensure you blow dry or dab the velvet upholstery dry to take it back to its original form.

How to Clean a Metal Bed

Metal beds may seem fairly straight-forward in terms of cleaning, but there are certain steps that are essential in your routine to maintain the quality of your bed.

You can wash down a metal bed with soapy water, or opt for a damp polishing technique instead for a quick cleaning, this will fight off harbouring bacteria and add a shine to your metal bed frame, as seen in the beautiful Lyon Cream Metal Day Bed.

However, metal which is left wet will begin to rust which you absolutely want to avoid at all costs. To ensure that rusting is prevented, it is advised you wash your metal bed frame on a necessary basis and do not make a regular habit of adding liquid to the metal – and, when you do, make sure the frame is completely dry, as any damp areas can develop rusting and tarnished metal.


Are You Ready to Clean Your Bed?

Cleaning your bed doesn’t have to be hard and you should never think twice about buying your dream bed because of doubts on maintenance. As you can see from this overview, every bed has a personalised method to clean and none are over-complicated!

For more in-depth guidance on how to clean your bed, take a look at our product care guides, and be sure to send us pictures of your newly cleaned bed frames and homes via Instagram and Facebook, or share your favourite cleaning tips on Twitter – happy cleansing!

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