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Your Favourite Influencers Share Their Tips on Coping During Lockdown

Your Favourite Influencers Share Their Tips on Coping During Lockdown

Everyone is dealing with lockdown and isolation completely differently. Whether you’re a human powerhouse working from home,  homeschooling your kids, or maybe you’re even a key worker, keeping us all safe and connected at this time, we can all agree, times are hard and extremely different! 

So, we thought it would be great to hear from some of your favourite influencers to find out how they are finding this lockdown period and if they have any tips for us 


How Are You Keeping Busy During the Lockdown?

Paige from @_paigeeliza  said,

“I'm trying my best to stay as creative with my content as possible by putting myself 'out there' a little more with brands… I've also been taking the time to read, practice yoga and go on long walks with my lovely little pupper Malcolm”. 

Paige’s lockdown sounds dreamy - dogs, yoga and long walks! Getting your daily exercise in new ways is a brilliant way to stay busy during lockdown. Plus, it can really help you sleep! 

Throwing yourself into your work and trying something new is just another way to stay productive and positive at this difficult time. 

We also asked Jessica from @inside.number2 how she was keeping busy at this time,

“...somehow I have managed to fill each day with a task that I had had on my to-do list for a while. I have decorated my daughter’s bedroom, organised the kitchen cupboards as well as all the ‘cupboards of doom’ as I like to call them. I find there is always something to do whether it be big or small. I do also have my hands full with looking after and homeschooling my daughter, Olivia. We have had a wonderful few weeks learning about butterflies and playing in the garden.”

I’m sure homeschooling has been a challenge for many parents, but Jessica shows us there can be some fun in it too! It sounds like she and Olivia have had a wonderful time together. 

Finally, we spoke to Emma and Laura from @_homebirds_, the lockdown has not been a relaxing break away for them! 

“It seems we are busier during lockdown than in normal life! We both have young children so we are juggling childcare, home education and work all at once. Not to mention the constant DIY Ok, admittedly it’s our husbands doing the DIY but someone has to be there to crack the whip. It’s only fair to keep them as busy as we are! We keep our followers up to date on any home improvements we make on our stories so be sure to tune in if you haven’t already. Our demands combined with their reluctance can be quite a humorous affair.”


How Are You Staying Positive at This Time?

You would think that being asked to simply stay at home would be easy, but this time has proven it is not. Life as we know it has changed. We must queue to get into supermarkets, we can’t hold our loved ones, and it really does weigh on you emotionally. 

We asked our influencers how they were looking passed this and staying positive.

Jessica described herself as a “glass half-full person”. She sees lockdown as “an opportunity to slow down, take life at a different pace, and enjoy being at home with family. It truly doesn’t get any more positive than that! 

Emma and Laura said “Some sort of outing every day is a must.” and then they said something that was music to my ears, “Oh and loads of comfort food!... Small pleasures like chocolate and fish and chips keep us going at the moment!” You and me both ladies! 

Paige talked to us about finding staying positive in lockdown difficult, 

“If I'm being honest, this is something I'm struggling with. I'm trying my best to stay in as much of a routine as I possibly can. But, not beating myself up when I need to have a whole day in bed binge-watching Normal People.” 

I personally think that this is extremely important, allow yourself a break and to relax. It really will do you the world of good - you don’t constantly have to be productive and busy. 

Find out more about relaxation anxiety and why you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking ten minutes to yourself in our blog


Has Lockdown Affected Yours and Your Families Sleep, and If so How?

Sleep is our main concern here at Happy Beds. We want to make sure that you all get the best night’s sleep possible, so we were interested to hear if any of our favourite influencers are losing sleep over lockdown fear. 

Jessica told us that she was having disrupted sleep at the beginning of lockdown due to worry. She soon figured out what was causing this and made sure that she put it right. 

“...I quickly found that this was due to reading and watching the news, so I have tried to cut down my intake of accessing the news and overloading myself with worrying information.“

Putting down your phone and turning off the TV is a great way to avoid reading the many COVID related articles that are circulating, this, in turn, may help you worry less and sleep more!

Laura and Emma told us that not only has their sleep been affected, but their kids’ too! 

“Bedtimes have become much later and therefore getting up times are later too. I have a 10-month-old and her daytime naps are all over the place! I miss the predictability we had before.”

We know it’s hard, but staying in a routine as much as possible will massively help yours and your child’s sleep schedules. 

Paige isn’t the one in her house who is struggling with sleep, it’s her mum! She has been staying up watching TV into the night, 

“I've been managing to get to sleep fine, maybe it takes a bit longer some nights. But my problem is with these strange and vivid dreams that I keep having.”

Anxiety-related dreams are common and in a time of such high stress, it isn’t a surprise that some of us are having extremely vivid dreams! 


What is your favourite lockdown activity so far?

Weirdly the whole UK seems to have a love for the same lockdown activities... seen as I haven’t been able to get hold of flour for 7 weeks! Baking is all the rage during lockdown and one of our influencers has been taking part. 

Paige says,

 “You name it, I've baked (and eaten) it during lockdown; banana bread, chocolate cake, lemon & poppyseed muffins, red velvet, brownies, cookies. The works. Apart from bread. Stop hogging all the yeast guys, I want to try to make my own bread too.” 

Do you do delivery Paige? Because that sounds amazing. 

Laura and Emma have been making the most of the glorious weather that we have been having and told us that “having picnics and paddling pool fun out in the garden” has been by far their favourite lockdown activity, whilst Jessica has: 

“enjoyed going on family walks around [her] local area...on one exploration [they] stumbled across a paddock of horses, which was a wonderful surprise for [her] daughter.” 

Finding new hobbies and places to go in lockdown is a great way to forget that we are restricted in what we can do at the moment, and these definitely provide us with a way to beat boredom at home.


What are your top tips for the Happy Beds community during lockdown?

Lockdown has been hard for everyone, so we wanted to get some tips and advice from these influencers for coping with lockdown going forward! 

Laura and Emma said, 

“Treat yourself! As often as possible. Don’t feel bad about doing stuff that makes you feel good. Like eating junk, ordering something online that you really don’t need or giving your kids the afternoon off learning. It’s a strange time, you have to stay sane!”

We are definitely advocates for this approach, online shopping here we come!

Jessica said, 

“My top tips would be, Stay Positive, Stay Motivated and Keep Busy….But most importantly remember that you are not alone and that we are all in this together!” It definitely helps to remember that we are not alone in this situation!

Paige gave us a wonderful list of her top tips that we just had to share with you all!: 

1. Remember that we're in this together. It's difficult for most people right now. So, you need to know that you're not alone if you're feeling low. 

2. ALWAYS take your allotted exercise outside (I sometimes struggle - but try and make myself, even if it's a stroll around the block). Fresh air can do you the world of good. 

3. Keep in touch with family and friends. It's amazing how much you find to talk about even when you've spoken every day for the past 6 weeks and aren't leaving the house. 

4. Try not to look at the news too much. I know it's important to know what's going on and keep up-to-date, but don't get into a hole. It'll just peak anxiety higher than it needs to be. 

5. DON'T beat yourself up about not doing anything! It's OK to not move all day. It's OK to not have learnt a new skill. It's OK to be eating junk food. You don't need to prove anything and it's not a competition. This is such a difficult change - you're not expected to be thriving right now. 


How Are You Finding Lockdown?

Tell us how you’re finding lockdown on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget to follow our wonderful influencers Paige, Emma, Laura and Jessica!

Treat yourself to a good nights sleep in lockdown