Mattress Fillings and Materials Explained: Everything You Need to Know


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Mattress Fillings and Materials Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Even though you can't see it, the filling inside your mattress determines just how comfortable it is to sleep on. And, there are plenty of mattress fillings available, but what is the real difference between them?

There is a type of mattress filling to suit every sleeper in existence and, without even knowing it, you could be sleeping on the completely wrong mattress for your body type.

Throughout this blog, we will go through every mattress filling available here at Happy Beds, who they are most suitable for, and the benefits they may bring to you.


What Fillings Are in a Sprung Mattress?

Sprung mattresses can come in two forms: pocket sprung mattresses, and open coil sprung mattresses. The difference between the two is that pocket sprung mattresses are individually nested pocket springs which isolate movement across the mattress, whereas coil sprung mattresses are joined together in a traditional design.

Sprung mattresses are great for allowing air flow to keep a cool, dry and prolonged mattress quality. Mattresses come in various ‘spring counts’ which can determine the quality of the mattress, although this is not always the case.

For more information on spring count, please read: How Many Springs Are in a Good Mattress? & Other Pocket Sprung FAQs

Mattresses with springs are sometimes filled with natural materials that are breathable and absorb moisture. These include wool, cotton and coconut fibre. Alternatively, they may have synthetic fillings, such as polyester and latex, which have great cushioning properties. Then, for a real treat, there are luxurious fillings such as mohair and silk.

Whatever type of filling you choose for your sprung mattress, it will generally compress and settle over time, especially in an expensive model with extra layers. The settling process allows your mattress to adapt to the shape of your body and you can even it out by turning it regularly.


What Fillings Are in a Foam Mattress?

If you prefer the durability of a non-sprung mattress, some possible fillings include foam, water and cotton wadding.

Water-filled mattresses offer support without pressure and they can be heated for extra comfort, while ones filled with wadding, or futons, tend to mould to fit your body.

Foam mattresses are ideal for exceptional support, and can be filled with memory, latex, gel and reflex foam. All foam mattresses are designed to conform to your body type and offer exceptional comfort. It is important to familiarise yourself with the various foam types, in order to find the perfect foam mattress for you:

Memory foam is the most common type of foam filling and is best for temperature regulating to prevent over heating throughout the duration of your sleep. Memory foam is man-made from polyurethane materials.

Latex foam mattresses are crafted from liquid rubber, whipped up to form a bouncy foam material. These mattresses ensure an even distribution of firmness, which can be ideal for extra body support for orthopaedic healing.

Gel  are infused with tiny gel beads, which help regulate temperature and are known to provide a cooler, more pleasant sleeping space. Gel mattresses are perfect for those who struggle with sleep due to poor temperature conditions.

Reflex foam mattresses are of high density and tend to offer medium firmness levels. Unlike other foam mattresses, reflex foam features air bubbles, opposed to holes, to best maintain the shape of the mattress and offer improved body support.


What About Natural, Luxury and Special Fillings?

For premium mattress fillings, materials such as silk and cashmere can be used in layers to build an exceptional comfort across the mattress. Mattresses which are filled with silk and cashmere are often more expensive, due to the prestige and quality of the materials used.

Read more about this kind of filling in our post: Natural and Organic Mattresses: Let’s Address Your Chemical Fears

As each mattress filling offers a unique kind of support, you should be able to find one that meets your needs. Fillings can even be combined, ensuring that there is truly a mattress to suit everyone.

So, whether you need firmer support, or you feel like adding some high-end luxury to your mattress, why not treat yourself to the mattress of your dreams? We’ve a vast range of mattresses here at Happy Beds to choose from. We even have a mattress firmness tool which allows you to easily find the perfect mattress for your personal body type.

Have any questions or want to know the perfect mattress for your needs? Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or check out our mattress guide. Happy sleeping!

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