How Football Fever is Keeping Brits up at Night


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How Football Fever is Keeping Brits up at Night

Ah, football. No other sport can fill us Brits with so much joy, banter and pure stress. Whether you follow the Premier League or are an ardent Sunday League warrior, football across the board can inspire a mix of emotions.

It is no surprise that, as a nation, we lose quite a bit of sleep stressing over our beloved teams. How much sleep do we lose, though, and who is more likely to suffer from football-related insomnia?

To answer this, we’ve analysed 30,000 tweets over the last 12 months which discovered how football fever enveloped the nation at the cost of well-needed sleep.

The strongest cases came from fans of the nation’s biggest teams; as the stakes rise, so does our cortisol levels. Why do these teams affect our sleep more so than others, and what can football fans do to sleep sounder at night? (Because, let’s face it, not watching football is out of the question!)

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs Supporters Lose The Most Sleep

While sport made up 23% of social insomnia tweets, football had the greatest effect on the nation’s sleeping habits. However, the majority of tweets regarding men’s football were made in reference to Premier League teams, with Liverpool FC topping the list as the favoured club for insomniacs.

Insomnia-related mentions for the team name and club motto ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ came in at a combined 710 mentions. Shortly behind was London-based Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur at 45 mentions, who were battling for a top-four finish and bettered close North London rivals Arsenal.

When factoring in hashtags, Liverpool again topped the sleep-related mentions with 211 for #ywna and 193 for #lfc. Tottenham Hotspur was again in second with 58 mentions for club slogan #coys.


Interestingly, Premier League champions Manchester City and third-place finishers Chelsea did not rival Liverpool and Tottenham, implying that both their European cup runs may have influenced the night-time habits of their supporters more than domestic competitions.


The Champions League Was The Most Stressful Cup Competition

So, why were Liverpool and Spurs fans losing so much sleep? Well, it is likely to do with the fact that both teams played in the UEFA Champions League final, which led to the greatest amount of competition-specific mentions at 45.  Mentions of Madrid, the city which hosted the final, came in at 159 too, implying that both Liverpool and Spurs fans were eagerly anticipating the all-English final.




The Champions League is the biggest competition in club football, so it is easy to see why nerves for both sets of fans were sky-high. Perhaps some fans couldn’t sleep following victory, either…




Women’s Football Makes History and Enters Social Insomnia Charts

The Women’s World Cup really took off over the past 12 months and, as a result, women’s football is now in the limelight. However, it appears that women’s football is causing a significant volume of lost sleep, with Swedish women’s football club Linköpings FC having significant social insomnia tweet volume at 15 mentions.

The team had an unremarkable season by their standards, but why were so many of their fans losing sleep? Well, it is likely to do with Kosovare Asllani, who transferred to Real Madrid to become the first ever Galáctica. The combination of such a high-profile player departing a major club and the the historic breakthrough of women’s football led to a lot of Linköpings FC fans losing a fair few Zs.

It’s welcoming to see that, across both types of football, the stress is universal!


How Can You Settle Your Nerves?

Cutting down on football-related stress and ensuring you get a good night’s sleep is important to keep you healthy. Football fans attempt lots of things to temper their emotions from alcohol to bizarre pre-match rituals, but the best way to reduce stress is checking in with your sleeping habits.

Ensuring you have a suitable mattress for you, cutting down on blue light from late-night football tweeting and establishing an optimum bedroom temperature helps significantly.

Overall, making sure your bedroom is prepared for sleep and putting Twitter down an hour before bed should help football fans catch a few more hours of sleep.


What Else Keeps Us Up At Night?

To find out what else kept us up at night and to access resources that aid sleep, then check out our full research into social insomnia.


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