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Fort So: 5 of the Best Bed Fort Ideas

Fort So: 5 of the Best Bed Fort Ideas

The children have gone back to school and summer is drawing to a close. In fact, those umbrellas and raincoats are already making an appearance! So, we’ve found a little autumn play-spiration in the shape of bed forts.

That's right, with just a few simple props you and your bairns can have a lot of fun building a fort! Discover how to build an awesome fort here:

1. Down on the Ground

The beauty of this particular fort is that it can be built in minutes yet it will entertain the children for hours!

Bring a dining chair upstairs and place it a couple of metres away from the bed. Drape a blanket or bed sheet from a childrens mid sleeper bed (or whatever frame has taken their fancy) to the chair and hey presto! You’ll have yourself a snug little area with a makeshift roof.

Then, fill it with cushions, duvets, soft toys – basically anything that will create a comfy, cosy space and the best indoor fort.


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2. Tucked up in Bed

Another effortless fort involves a blanket being draped over the actual sleep station itself. If you’re wondering how to make a fort on a bed, well simply tuck a thick blanket or duvet over the headboard, using the wall to keep it in place, and let the other end of the blanket fall freely.

If the headboard isn’t already next to a wall, it’s worth moving the bed purely to build this fun fort. After all, it won’t take long to move the bed back to its original place when the children are done with their dens.
They’re certain to love playing around in this super snug space.



3. A Cot-tton Castle

You can transform a cot into a cot-tton castle for your little one. Whilst this sounds fairly fancy, it can very easily be fashioned. Simply put a cotton sheet over the top of the cot and fill the inside of it with blankets, cushions and all things cotton.

This fort will encourage imaginative play as your child can pretend they are king or queen of their newfound castle!


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4. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

This fort is bound to go down well. Take your child’s mattress and place it on the ground to create a boat. Drape a sheet across the mattress and secure it to bedroom furniture, using pegs to keep the sheet in place.

The sheet will act as the mast and the mattress will be the body of the boat; children won’t be able to wait to get on board!

It looks like one has gone overboard here:



5. An Oasis for Story Time

At the end of the day, children want nothing more than a bedtime story, right? Anything to put off actually having to go to sleep. Well, what if you transformed their bed into a fort at night so that they’d look forward to going to sleep?

Make bedtime reading extra special by reading with your child under their bedtime fort! You could even sew glow in the dark stars on the sheet that you secure above their bed so that you can read with them under the stars!



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So, now you know of the best bed fort building ideas, which one are you going to recreate at home?
Children will love having a fort in their bedroom, particularly when friends are over.

Tweet us a picture of your finished fort by tweeting us @HappyBeds, we’ve love to see your creations.

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