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Giving Back to Our Keyworkers

Giving Back to Our Keyworkers

We believe that a good night’s sleep is important for everyone but given the current pandemic, we think a good night’s sleep is especially important for our key workers. At the beginning of May, we launched a giveaway to give some keyworkers the chance to win some amazing sleep-related goodies!

Here are our fabulous winners!


Nicky - Tesco Employee

Nicky works at Tesco and nominated herself on Twitter! We asked Nicky some questions about her job and how work is at the moment. She said,

"I work at Tesco on the night shift filling the shelves on the health & beauty aisle...The three weeks before lockdown were crazy times in the store...there's no time in my 30+ years there that I can compare it to and I hope it's never repeated. I've seen panic buying during the fuel blockade, 2" of snow and public holidays but people mainly remain respectful to one another and upbeat, but not in those three weeks, it was awful."

We also wanted to find out how our winners were finding lockdown, Nicky said,

"Lockdown has been ok for me, my daughter had been furloughed and her boyfriend is working shortened hours...it's been nice having them at home. We've taken advantage of the once-a-day exercise taking my daughter's dog out on long walks and discovering the local area."

And finally, we asked how our winners are staying positive during lockdown!

"At the start, I kept looking at news websites and going on social media reading all about the virus and became anxious. I now look at the BBC website once a day for any updates and although I still go on social media I don't read anything about the virus, this has really helped. I have kept my craft table up and done some sewing and other craft things."

We hope that you enjoy your sleep box Nicky, you sure deserve it!


Katie - Social Care Worker

Katie is a social care worker and was nominated by her mum on Facebook! Katie saw the positive side of lockdown saying, “Lockdown is hard but as I’m still working I’m getting out each day”m which is definitely a great way to stay nice and positive at this time.

We asked her how she was dealing with lockdown and again, Katie kept things nice and positive by saying “Seeing my work colleagues smiling faces each day is helping us all get through together!” I think we all need to be a bit more like Katie!

We hope that you get a great night’s sleep with help from your new sleep box!


Paul - Delivery Driver

Paul’s wife nominated him on Twitter, he is a delivery driver for Wilko! His wife answered a few of our questions on his behalf, she said;

"Lockdown hasn’t changed him, except roads are quieter at work and he is not able to go on his motorbike for a drive with friends on his days off, which he misses. His bike tour holiday to Spain in June has been cancelled so he’s now got to decorate our bedroom!"

Sneaky! Poor Paul, we are sorry to hear about your holiday! Your wife did tell us that you hope to go away in your camper van when it’s safe to. We hope your Panda Memory Foam Pillow numbs the pain a little!


Phil - Chemical Plant Worker

Phil was nominated to win one of our prizes on Twitter by his wife! We asked him to tell us a bit more about his job, he said, “I run a plant that produces water treatment chemicals. I have worked here for 15 years on day and night shifts.” Wow! We appreciate your work, Phil.

We also asked him how he was finding lockdown and how he was staying positive, he said,

"I am finding lockdown difficult not for me but for my family. My daughter, who is 8, really wants to be in school with her teachers and friends. But I am enjoying studying with her, especially geography, history and science...My boys are missing parks and playgrounds so much. They are 4 and 2. We as a family are loving our time together in our garden where we can play football, cricket and blow bubbles. We are having lots of BBQs and ice-creams."

We hope you and your family have some perfect night’s sleep and don’t fight too much over your new memory foam pillow!


Charles - Postman

Charles works at the Royal Mail Delivery Office in Congleton, sorting and delivering mail to local residents, he was nominated by his sister on Facebook.

Lockdown is affecting both Charles work and his home life, he said,

“Apart from being extra busy at work, I’ve not been able to see my partner Liz, who is an NHS Healthcare Assistant at Macclesfield Hospital because we have separate homes. It's been a bit lonely in my free time.”

So many families are living separately at this time to keep us safe and keep our lives as normal as they possibly can be, we couldn’t be more thankful to both you and your wife Charles! As for staying positive, Charles said, “I am just keeping a positive outlook, as I always do, and taking life as it comes for now.

Good on you Charles! We hope we can help you just a little bit with your night’s sleep with your new memory foam pillow.


Lydia - Teaching Assistant

Lydia nominated herself on Facebook! She is a teaching assistant and her school is still open so to care for vulnerable children and children of keyworkers. Lydia said,

"I am very proud of the way the staff at my school have handled the current situation...Without childcare, our NHS staff and other key workers would not be able to do their jobs, so it is an absolute privilege to help out. We have also been very busy, implementing online learning for the rest of the children And preparing for when the children come back, (doing first-aid courses and so on). "

The work never stops for Lydia and her coworkers, she deserves to rest in her downtime! We also asked Lydia how she is coping with lockdown. She said,

£The lockdown has been a real rollercoaster ride for me. My daughters GCSEs were cancelled (I still haven’t worked out whether she is happy about this or not) and my son has come home from university unexpectedly. He has been studying 500 miles away in Edinburgh, so It is a real pleasure to have him home, however, it has been quite stressful because he has had to do his final university exams at home in his teeny tiny box room."

Not only is Lydia taking care of children at school, but also her two children at home who are dealing with a difficult situation!. This is the reality for many people this lockdown, and we know it is incredibly hard.

Lydia has been keeping positive through her work though,

“Keeping in touch with the children via online learning, and seeing the children that are still allowed to go to school has helped me to remain smiley and positive...I will keep smiling and appreciating the work that my amazing colleagues and other key workers have played in the fight against COVID-19.”

Thank you so much for all your hard work Lydia, we hope that you love your new duck feather duvet!


Jamie - Dementia Care Worker

Jamie was nominated by her partner on Instagram, she won our grand prize, the Signature Crystal 3000 Pocket Sprung Mattress. Jamie works as a dementia care nurse,

"My job as a dementia carer means I support people that are living with dementia to have happy fulfilling lives in a care home setting, promoting independence and choice. I help my lovely residents to wash and dress and go about their daily activities. It's like having lots of little Nanna's and Grandad's for me."

We asked how Jamie was finding lockdown, like many of us she was finding the balance difficult,

"I am finding lockdown hard, I have picked up extra shifts as we have been short-staffed and the stress and anxiety levels for our residents is high. I have 3 children, so keeping their brains and bodies active and learning has been difficult on top of everything."

But Jamie is staying positive in the best possible ways!

"I am staying positive by doing the little things...playing feel good music, snuggling with the kids under a soft blanket and sitting out in the garden for a little bit of sun when I can."

We hope you (and your 3 little ones) really enjoy your new mattress Jamie, you deserve it!


Thank You All Keyworkers

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the keyworkers that have kept the country going during lockdown and this pandemic. Do keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for other competitions and giveaways!


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