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Happy Beds Go Green: What Happens to a Recycled Mattress?

Happy Beds Go Green: What Happens to a Recycled Mattress?

With the very exciting launch of our all-new mattress recycling search tool, we thought we would give you a little insight into the journey of a recycled mattress to show the benefits of going green and opting for recycling disposal!

As a world, we are becoming more and more conscious of the impact we have on our planet. Sustainable living is definitely increasing in popularity and, we at Happy Beds, believe this is truly incredible and should be celebrated.


Why Recycle Your Mattress?

It is very easy to just ignore what happens to our mattress after we move on, after all, out of sight and out of mind, but let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture: there are millions of mattresses in the world which are thrown out, each contributing to a harmful landfill or cluttering our streets through illegal fly-tipping. Mattresses aren’t exactly small, and careless disposal can lead to huge damage to our environment.

We must not ignore the awful impact that unsustainable waste disposal can have on our beautiful planet. From vehicle fumes emitted from the trucks that take the mattresses long distances, to the damaged land they are then dumped into – there are absolutely no benefits to unethical waste disposal and there are no more excuses to damage our planet further with careless acts such as this.

If we all pulled together and recycled our mattresses, our streets would be clean and our landfills a lot less overflowing, with our air free of harmful fumes from burning or destroying of the mattress material.

There are countless reasons to recycle your waste and opt for a greener, more sustainable way of life and we wanted to make it easier than ever to do so.


What Happens to a Recycled Mattress?

It’s easy to forget about where your waste ends up once it leaves our home, but I’m confident that if you followed the journey of a recycled mattress you would be more than satisfied by the results and how well you have impacted the environment – congrats to you!

When we recycle our mattresses, a dedicated team of big-hearted humans hand-strip each mattress to save the high-quality materials that would be otherwise going to waste, in order to salvage whatever they can to be cleaned up and passed on to make a wide range of other useful products in other industries.

The foam in a mattress can turn into cushioned areas of cars and the metal from the springs can provide scrap for other projects.

You can sleep happily knowing you’ve done your bit for the world, with a clear conscious that the mattress you once loved is on its way to be loved again in an all-new form as a different product.

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Do Your Bit for the Planet!

Now it’s easier than ever to recycle your mattress, let’s make it our goal to free all landfills and streets of unwanted, old mattresses!

Most UK councils offer bulk item collection schemes and do their best to recycle as much of these items as possible. Plus, we offer a like-for-like mattress collection service here at Happy Beds. So, enter your postcode into our mattress recycling tool to see how much it’ll cost you.

Do you have any other tips on how to go green for the world we live in? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let’s all do our bit for our planet!

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