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Your Happy Beds This Month: Guest Bedrooms

Your Happy Beds This Month: Guest Bedrooms

Having guests is great. I personally love feeling like the hostess with the mostest - but to host guests, you need a great guest bedroom. A perfect balance of cosy, welcoming and homely makes for a truly great guest bedroom. 

There are so many bed options when it comes to guest bedrooms, so whether the room you’re working with is big or small, we can provide a stylish guest room option for you today. Take a look at how some of our fabulous Happy Beds customers have transformed their spare rooms for visitors:


A Calm Space by @inside_number2

Grey Bedroom

Instagram - @our_home_interior

A guest bedroom doesn’t always have to be a large space filled with a huge plush bed. Our Leon Guest Day Bed is a brilliant option for a smaller bedroom or even an office. A hybrid sofa and bed provides you with enough space to fit a single mattress, unlike the smaller space that you get with sofa beds. This is a brilliant option to ensure your guest sleeps comfortably. Have a read of our blog post ‘Wait, What’s a Daybed?’ to find out everything you need to know 

Look at what @our_home_interior3 has done with her beautiful spare room featuring the Leon! Jessica transformed her old office into a stunning guest room and what a great use of a smaller space. Check out her Instagram for the before and after photos (we love a good transformation).


Guest Room Perfection by @aoifepowerdesign

Organised Bedroom

Instagram - @aoifepowerdesign

A bunk bed might not seem like the obvious choice for a guest room, but why not?! It takes up a fraction of the floor space that a double bed does, so it is perfect for smaller spaces in rooms such as offices or box bedrooms. 

This fantastic room was styled by Aoife for her children, but with the stunning desk space, it could easily be an office. What a brilliant way to utilise all the space in your house! 

Our stylish Saturn Grey Fabric Bunk Bed (featured here) would be the perfect addition to a guest room due to its stylish upholstered design. This bed is completely different in design to the usual wooden or metal bunk beds, and the neutral, clean colours add to a fantastically stylish finish. 


Floral Paradise by @homeiswherebruceis

Green and Pink Bedroom

Instagram - @homeiswherebruceis

Another fabulous guest bedroom bed option is a trundle bed - A standard single size bed, with another single bed neatly tucked beneath it. Simply pop it out when you have an extra guest and tuck it away again when they are gone to fully utilise your floor space. A trundle bed is the perfect choice for those with a smaller room. 

Small doesn’t mean that your bed choice won’t be stylish, @homeiswherebruceis has styled our Blake White Wooden Guest Bed and Trundle with beautiful florals. She has managed to create the most beautiful, tranquil feel with her wonderful use of colours. Any guest is sure to sleep well in this stunning guest room! 


The Spacious Guest Room with @myvictoriangem

Grey and Blue Bedroom

Instagram - @myvictoriangem

You may be one of the lucky ones with an abundance of space to create a large, beautiful guest room like Gemma from @myvictoriangem. A larger floorplan gives you the opportunity to create a hotel-esque bedroom, which is exactly what Gemma has done! 

Our Warwick Blue Velvet Fabric Ottoman Bed stands tall and proud at the centre of this stunning guest bedroom. Not only is this bed beautiful to look at, but it also includes lots of space thanks to its ottoman storage design, so you have a brilliant place for spare bedding, clothes and shoes. Gemma’s use of bold blue, coupled with grey and silver, adds a classy and glamorous feel to this wonderful guest room. Who needs to pay for a fancy hotel when Gemma is around?!


Feeling Inspired?


So, that’s how our previous customers have styled their guest rooms with Happy Beds products - how will you use yours? 

The key is to experiment! Play with colours, patterns and textures to create a stunning room that people really won’t want to leave. Make sure you fully-utilise your space; If you only have a small room, but normally have more than one guest, opt for a bunk bed or a trundle. If your space doubles as an office, maybe try a daybed so you can take advantage of its multi-purpose design. Or, if you have a larger bedroom, go all out and make the bed the centrepiece of the room with a stunning double

Share your guest rooms with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the chance to be featured in a future ‘Your Happy Beds This Month’ round-up. We would love to see them!

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