Your Happy Beds This Month: Kids Beds (Part 2)


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Your Happy Beds This Month: Kids Beds (Part 2)

Here at Happy Beds, we believe children are our future, sleep them well and let them lead the way! 

Sleep is so important for the little ones, did you know they need at least 10 hours of sleep per night? So finding the right bed for them is extremely important so they can get that much needed shut-eye and be ready to face the day, whether it be at school or a full day of exploring.

Kids furniture can be really diverse. Long gone are the days where a bed is just a bed. There’re solutions for all your storage woes, with built in bookshelves and even desks! A child’s bed can essentially be their entire bedroom.

As a follow up to our previous 'Your Happy Beds This Month: Kids Beds (Part 1)', this edition takes a further look at our wide range of kids beds and showcases the many features of what we have to offer. 

Floating on Clouds by @renovation_44

Instagram - @renovation_44

Comfy, classic and compact. The Milo Wooden Mid Sleeper, available in white and grey, is the perfect bed if your little one has a smaller bedroom. The bed takes advantage of as much space as possible without taking up much room at all. It has a pull-out desk, which keeps safe and secure whilst in use. 

The desk can be slotted back underneath the bed to utilise space when not in use, and even doubles up as a shelving unit. Having under bed shelves and a drawer make sure there’s plenty of room to store toys - and they can be removed from under the bed for when space is needed to build a den.

A Dinosaur’s Playground by @fallenforfinn


Instagram - @fallenforfinn

The Mission Storage Bed can accommodate even the rowdiest of cavemen. It’s superb white finish means it can fit in seamlessly with any decor scheme - just look at how it works so well with Finn’s jurassic themed bedroom. 

With three deep, spacious underbed drawers, there’s bundles of space for your little one to store their clothes, books, toys - dinosaur remains! It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for that extra bit of storage.

Emily from @fallenforfinn says:

“It’s the perfect height for him to be able to climb in and out of bed on his own.”

The transition from cot to bed can be a daunting one, but with the Mission Storage Bed you don’t need to worry. It is low to the ground, so your not-so-little little one can climb in and out safely. Plus, if you decorate their new room as cool as Emily has done for Finn, why wouldn’t they want to jump straight into it?

Tranquil Teepee by @_paperbacks_and_postcards_


Instagram - @_paperbacks_and_postcards_

Bedtime can be fun. The Teepee Wooden Bed makes bedtime exciting thanks to its unique teepee inspired design. This statement bed will inject a sense of playfulness into your child’s bedroom - imagine being able to tell them they can sleep in their den! 

Lucie from @_paperbacks_and_postcards_ has managed to create such a calming and modern bedroom for little Joni, with the teepee being the focal point for a beautiful bedroom for her to retreat to and play to her heart's content.

Forty Winks in Pink by @homesweethome_44


Instagram - @homesweethome_44

The Oslo Quadruple Sleeper is such a perfect bed if your little ones’ want more bed space. Two small double beds are bunked on top of one another to offer plenty of sleep - there’s room to comfortably sleep up to four! Imagine the sleepovers they could have with this one. What’s more, the bunk can be separated into two double beds, ideal for when one of them wants to move out into their own room.

Its white design offers versatility and means you will be able to match the Oslo to any decor scheme. We know how children are with their bedroom decoration - always wanting something else and always changing their tastes. 

Perfect Practicality by @tarajoyrobinson


Instagram - @tarajoyrobinson

The Maria Wooden Mid Sleeper offers a full bedroom solution in one compact structure. Ideal for a smaller bedroom - or a busy little learner - the Maria offers storage thanks to its removable shelving unit and a pull-out desk. It’s a bed that will grow as they do, giving them a place to get their homework done before hiding away in the underbed space which is the perfect den.

With its modern design, the Maria contrasts other mid sleepers thanks to it’s trendy and sleek aesthetic. The white and oak styling ensure it will blend in with any decor scheme, so you can guarantee it will always stay on trend. 

Like What You See?

Kids beds have really stepped up their game. From all-in-one bedroom solutions that will grow with them to trendy teepee inspired beds that are perfect for those happy campers - there’s a bed for everyone. Take a look at our kids beds now to find the perfect bed for your little one. 

We’d love to see how our beds look in your homes. Get in touch on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with pictures of your Happy Beds!

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