Your Happy Beds This Month: Kids Beds (Part 1)


Nikita Alexander - June 27, 2019 Nikita is Happy Beds' sleep and lifestyle content writer. A fresh English Language and Literature graduate, she loves classical literature, sunny city breaks and blogging about music events.

Your Happy Beds This Month: Kids Beds (Part 1)

Every month, our Happy Beds social media feed is filled with beautiful customer photos featuring our very own beds and furniture. And, we want to share these with you to create inspiration or simply so you can see how great our beds look in various colour schemes and décor.

At Happy Beds, we are very proud of our wide range of modern kids’ beds and particularly adore the neutral tone themes in modern interior design. So, this month, we will be sharing our favourite images of how our customers have styled their kid’s bed in their homes.


Brilliant Bunk Beds by @thehadleyplot52_

Saturn Oatmeal Fabric Bunk Bed, Instagram, @thehadleyplot52_


Bunk beds aren’t just great for saving space, our range of stylish bunk beds come in a variety of unique and modern designs which can add that contemporary statement that you’re looking for. Many bunk bed designs on the market offer neutral colours, which welcomes any bedroom theme you could possibly think of - we love how creative our Happy Beds’ customers have taken this.

Take a look at how this customer has styled our Saturn Oatmeal Fabric Bunk Bed, where they have taken full advantage of the neutral design to form a pastel bedroom theme which is perfect for young children. With just a patterned bedding set, throw cushions and a matching rug – this customer has managed to create a very on-trend and spacious bedroom for their child.


Creative Cabin Beds by @sammys_x_home

Cabin beds are more than ideal for children and pre-teens as they’re usually accompanied by plenty of storage to save space and create an organised bedroom.

When desiging a bedroom for an older child, it can be difficult to settle on a colour scheme that they won’t hate or grow out of. Many of our customers opt for the stunning grey interior design trend in their child’s bedroom, to keep things age and gender neutral.

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Captain’s White Wooden Storage Bed, Instagram, @sammys_x_home


Check out how one of our customer has styled the Captains White Wooden Storage Bed, with coordinating star decorative touches and a colour scheme of grey and white to create a fresh, modern and calming aesthetic. This bedroom design is the perfect timeless décor for children and will accommodate their taste as they grow older.


Spacious Small-Double Beds by @ourbeechterrace

Children grow, it is inevitable. Because of this, your child may see various beds throughout their upbringing  - from their first cot to their teenage bed.

As children begin to age into their teenage years, you may begin to hear complaints or requests for a larger bed. Small-double and double sized beds are ideal for pre-teens and teenagers, as they offer plenty of room to ensure they never grow out of them.

Astrid Grey Fabric Bed, Instagram, @ourbeechterrace


Our range of small-double beds offer various designs and colours, to ensure there is a style to suit every fickle teenager’s personal taste.

We love how a customer has styled our Astrid Grey Fabric Bed as they have teamed it perfectly with pastel patterns, decorative plants and a light wooden floor for a beautifully contemporary aesthetic. Grey beds are so popular due to the ability to include them in any bedroom décor, as this customer has shown.


How Would You Style Your Happy Bed?

We hope you’re feeling extra inspired now. For more beautiful picture’s of our products in real homes – follow Happy Beds on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a feed filled with home interior inspiration!