Your Happy Beds This Month: Mattresses


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Your Happy Beds This Month: Mattresses

We all need the perfect place to get our forty winks. Our bedroom is our little slice of heaven, tucked away from the worries and woes of the outside world, it’s the place where we go to wind down and snuggle up. A supportive mattress is the difference between getting a night of rest, recharged for the next day, and struggling to relax after a hard day’s work.

Our mattress is the most important part of our bed. Just like the classic tale of Princess and the Pea, if there’s even the slightest problem with our mattress, our whole sleep is thrown off. You need to find one that’s perfect for you. Not too soft, not too firm, but just right. 

This month’s edition of Your Happy Beds This Month focuses on the massive range of mattresses we offer here at Happy Beds. Is a memory foam or spring mattress the best choice for you? 

Blissful Sleep by @our_home_interior_3

Instagram - @our_home_interior_3

The Happy Beds Sleep Soul Bliss 800 Mattress is carefully a carefully crafted, cosy pocket sprung mattress with an added layer of memory foam and a pillow-top to provide endless comfort. While the supportive pocket springs support your body from head to toe, the memory foam layer helps regulate the temperature of your bed and keeps you cool throughout the night.

As @our_home_interior_3 says, the Sleep Soul Bliss 800 mattress provides amazing comfort, to the point where they struggle to get their little one out of bed on a morning! There's no doubt this mattress provides a supported, comfortable night of dreaming.

The Perfect Mix by @homeobsessed2017

Instagram - @homeobsessed2017

Emma from @homeobsessed2017 on Instagram picked up the Bamboo Vitality 2000 Pocket Sprung Memory and Reflex Foam Mattress for her little one's bedroom. The mixture of memory foam and pocket springs was perfect for Abbie, who refused to let her mum join her for her first night on this utterly welcoming mattress.

Not only does this mattress make good use of utilising eco-friendly bamboo fibre, but the individually pocketed springs promise to support your body through the night. Pair this with the layer of memory and reflex foams and the Bamboo Vitality 2000 is ideal for those looking for an orthopaedic element in their mattress.

Sleep Better by @my_grey_place

Instagram - @my_grey_place

One of our signature mattresses, the Crystal 3000 mattress is filled with rich fillings such a wool, mohair and cashmere to provide a level of comfort that will make it very hard to get out of bed. Nestled in between these natural fillings is an abundance of pocket springs which provide stability and support throughout the night. This mattress is perfect for sharing, as the springs help absorb movement and keep it to one side of the bed - allowing couples to sleep soundly.

Mel, the face behind @my_grey_place, typically finds it hard to sleep through the night due to a shoulder injury. However, since receiving her Crystal 300, she's been sleeping 'like a normal person!' through the night with no unwanted wake ups whatsoever.

Bye Bye, Bed Bugs! by @thethompsonhome

Instagram - @thethompsonhome

The Anti-Bed Bug 1500 is made with a blissful combination of latex and reflex foams for protection against bed bugs. But that isn't the only feature of this bed. Nestled in between the foams are individual pocket springs, which help absorb any movement in the night - making the Anti-Bed Bug 1500 ideal for couples.

As well as the reflex and latex foams and the pocket springs, this mattress provided unparalleled comfort thanks to its wealth of rich satin pads and a delightful pillow top. The mattress is the perfect mix of comfort and support, provides for a well-rounded and bed bug free sleep.

Like What You See?

Mattresses can make or break your night's sleep. Whether you need something that will provide you with extra support, or you're in the market for a soft, cushion-y cloud to float off to sleep on - it's important that you buy a mattress for your needs.

Shop our range of mattresses now to find something to suit you.

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