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Your Happy Beds This Month: May 2020

Your Happy Beds This Month: May 2020

As we approach the midpoint of what has proven to be an incredibly challenging year, let’s take some time to look back on some of the more positive aspects of the previous month. That’s right, it’s once again time for Your Happy Beds This Month!


Blasting Off by @persimmonmarylebone

Guessing the theme of this bedroom certainly isn’t rocket science! Featuring our Galaxy Wooden Gaming High Sleeper, it’s almost as if this bed was made for a bedroom just like this. We adore the planetary wallpaper that provides a wonderful contrast to the sleek wooden flooring. Be it gaming or watching films, strap yourself in as we prepare for an epic galactic adventure. Who said there’s no atmosphere in space?!

If you’re looking for a bed that is not only a multimedia powerhouse but also offers plenty of storage shelves and helps to maximise your young one’s floor space, the Galaxy Gaming High Sleeper is an incredible and luxurious choice. With space for even the largest of TVs in an awesome high sleeper design, we certainly wish we had a bed like this when we were kids!


A Plethora of Patterns by @lifedesignlondon 

Now, this bedroom oozes positive vibes that we simply can’t get enough of at Happy Beds! The use of intriguing patterns in a selection of complementary colours has us completely mesmerised! From the incredibly playful decor to the natural lighting and live plant, we are smitten by every inch of this bedroom and we’re sure @lifedesignlondon’s little ones are too!

Our incredibly popular Oatmeal Saturn Bunk Bed is the sleeping space of choice in this room and you can easily see why! Beautifully modern and upholstered in a gorgeous oatmeal fabric, this is one bed that is incredibly versatile and able to be effortlessly adapted into any bedroom. 

The Oatmeal Saturn Bunk Bed puts safety first, so you can rest assured this stunning bed keeps your young ones safe and sound throughout the night!


Royal Blue by @number___123

Here’s a gorgeous room that puts the ‘royal’ into royal blue! Lovingly balanced with complementary tones, we love the use of gold, blue, whites and greys to create a delightfully cosy bedroom that is both inviting and welcoming. 

The exquisite attention to detail ensures that this room is perfectly organised without a single hint of clutter, making for a lavishly beautiful bedroom that is both luxurious and irresistibly timeless.

As featured here, our Warwick Grey Velvet Fabric Ottoman Bed is a glamorous show-stealer. With spacious ottoman storage at its disposal, your bedroom could be as neat and tidy as this one featured here! 

Whatsmore, this bed is available in an exceptionally stunning blue velvet option, for those who are looking for a luxurious bed in an outstanding sapphire finish.


Sleeping Cutie by @henriettashome

We should really be discussing bedrooms here, but first, let’s take a few seconds to appreciate this adorable pup. Incredibly fluffy and oh, so cute, we certainly can’t get enough of this little one!

...Now onto the main event. Yet another example of a well-organised sleeping space, the use of symmetry in this bedroom helps create a sense of balance and harmony. We love how the natural lighting illuminates the entire room and glistens against the soft grey tones. 

Warm and welcoming, this bedroom looks like the perfect place to begin and end each day. The minimalist wall art provides maximum impact whilst reinforcing the theme of love and family. Simply beautiful.

Providing the comfort here is our Woodbury Grey Velvet Fabric 4 Drawer Storage Bed. Upholstered in a luxurious soft-touch fabric and boasting a deep-diamond quilted headboard, the Woodbury Grey Fabric Storage Bed is exceptionally premium. It also helps keep your bedroom organised - what more could you want!


Feeling Inspired?

And so concludes our fabulous selection of images for this month! We love seeing how you style our products in your wonderful homes and hope that these images continue to inspire you as much as they do us. 

If you would like to see your images featured here, share them with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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