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Your Happy Beds This Month: Mirrored Furniture

Your Happy Beds This Month: Mirrored Furniture

Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the biggest furniture trend of all? Why it’s mirrored furniture of course!

Wanting to add a touch of sparkle and grace to your home decor? Mirrored furniture does just that thanks to its clean, crisp edges and undoubtedly pristine aesthetic. This months edition of Your Happy Beds This Month will showcase the endless possibilities mirrored furniture can bring to your home decor.

Not only does it add a sense of glamour to your home, but mirrored furniture is surprisingly functional too. Natural light bounces off of it from every angle, so it’s perfect if you want to add a touch of brightness to your home.

Take a look at how some of our customers have styled mirrored furniture in their homes below:


The Fairest of Them All by @pinkpeonyhome


Instagram, @pinkpeonyhome


Mirrored furniture is so effective because it fits in with any kind of decor. Look how beautifully the Valencia Mirrored 5 Drawer Narrow Chest reflects light from the window next to it. It almost looks as though it has a halo! This is a shining example of how a piece of mirrored furniture can stand on its own and make a statement in a bedroom.

Even when paired with such a grand mirror on top, it doesn’t hide away and stands tall against the rest of the decor. The muted colours of the flowers next to it add a touch of colour and character to this bedroom, and contrasts the sleek, clean finish of the mirrored drawers.


Crystal Clear by @carlyhomeideas


Instagram, @carlyhomeideas


Having a soft, fabric headboard is the perfect opportunity to introduce a mirrored bedside table to your room as the two different textures compliment each other very well. The hard, crisp finish of the drawers contrasts the furniture - giving the decor some layers and texture.

Pairing the Seville Mirrored 3 Drawer Bedside Table with these white and grey accent pieces elevates the drawers and gives off an elegant and sophisticated vibe. The contrast between the mirrored surface of the top of the unit and the hard, white sculpture adds finesse. Light colours and neutral tones are thriving in the world of interiors, and we can see why thanks to this piece!


Pretty in Pink by @no40_home_renovation


Instagram, @no40_home_renovation


Hints of colour can really help mirrored furniture pop, and vice versa, as mirrored furniture takes on the colour scheme around it.

Just as @no40_home_renovation has done here with the Seville Mirrored 3 Drawer Chest and a pink pot living on top of it. It isn’t reflected as much as the rest of the room is, meaning it stands out from the rest of the decor.

Trust me, it doesn’t take lots of effort to make mirrored furniture stand out in your room, it’s as simple as adding little pieces around it to really help it shine.


Like What You See?

Of course you do - it looks amazing! The key to adding a glimmer of glamour to your home is mirrored furniture.

We’d love to see more of your homes! Get in touch on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with pictures of your Happy Beds mirrored furniture and help inspire others with your trendy homes!

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