Your Happy Beds This Month: Storage Beds


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Your Happy Beds This Month: Storage Beds

Storage beds will simply never leave fashion, with such a wide range of timeless designs available – ottoman storage beds, cabin beds or beds with drawers - and their space-saving qualities.

Here at Happy Beds, we pride ourselves on our wide range of storage features which can be integrated into our comfortable bed frames. So, in July’s addition to Your Happy Beds This Month, we will be giving you all the latest storage bed inspiration pulled straight from the modern homes of our customers.

Check out our customers’ photos of our Woodbury storage beds below:


Pretty in Pastel by @newbuildtohome

Instagram, @newbuildtohome


What makes storage beds so popular is the discretion that they give to the storage features, meaning they can look like any other bed frame with copious amounts of concealed storage space. We love how a Happy Beds’ customer has styled this Woodbury Grey Velvet Storage Bed, in coordination with some beautiful pastel tones to create a bright and modern bedroom theme.

Grey fabric beds are perfect for all bedroom styles, and blend incredibly well with pastel tones for a trendy and contemporary bedroom aesthetic. This particular storage bed is accompanied by storage drawers within the frame which provide discrete storage solutions for your bedroom, perfect for achieving this organised and tidy bedroom look.

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Bright and Light by @thebeehome

Instagram, @thebeehome


We are deep into British summertime which means, in the world of interior design, light colours and neutral tones are thriving. After all, you don’t need to search for the most colourful patterns to create a unique bedroom appealing - as this customer exemplifies with their beautifully neutral bedroom aesthetic.

You simply cannot go wrong with a neutral bedroom colour scheme, brightened up even more with floral finishing touches and spotlighting for an effortlessly modern feel.

This customer has opted for two spacious drawers at the end of the bed for easy access, making the most of their bedroom floor space. The secret to this incredibly clean bedroom aesthetic, with not a single item out of space, is convenient storage achieved through the storage bed features.


Modern Textures by @graciewake

Instagram, @graciewake


Added furnishings and finishing touches are the little efforts which transform a house into a home, as this customer shows perfectly with their unique decorative touches. This Happy Beds’ customer has added a range of interesting patterns and textures to brighten up their bedroom, with our popular Woodbury Warm Stone Velvet Storage Bed as the stunning centrepiece to their sleeping space.

Velvet beds complement perfectly with added cushions and throws, with this customer opting for a faux fur blanket to create a cosy sleeping space that looks so welcoming!

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Whilst keeping things on-trend with silver and metallic colours, this customer has cleverly opted for a storage bed, complete with drawers, to achieve this ‘show home’ aesthetic which we all crave for our own homes. Discrete storage solutions keep belongings out of sight and out of mind, and fully-organised for a clean bedroom environment.


Feeling Inspired?

Well, the secrets out! It is clear to see that in order to achieve that clean bedroom aesthetic which looks straight out of a home magazine, you need to opt for a storage bed. Current interior design trends show a popular theme of greys, neutrals and interesting patterns – but we can’t wait to see more customer photos of our happy beds in all shades! Send us your images via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and inspire others with your on-trend home designs!

Feeling eager to join in on the storage bed hype but not sure where to start? Take advantage of our Build Your Own Bed tool which allows you to customise your own bed frame in terms of size, colour, style and storage features for the perfect storage bed for your home!

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