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How Do Astronauts Sleep?

Whilst hurtling through space at great speeds, then floating around weightlessly sounds very exciting, what happens when it’s time for an astronaut to bed down for the night?
They need to secure a good sleep as their job means that their days are full of tasks requiring intense concentration just like an office-based or stay at home role, except that a mistake could lead to a tragedy. In fact, it is a requirement of the role that astronauts secure exactly eight and a half hours sleep for every 24 on deck.

The zero-gravity of space means that there are no sumptuous divan base beds with orthopaedic mattresses to snooze on. Those onboard instead have their own ‘sleep pod’, which closely resembles a small padded closet-sized room.
The rooms come complete with a sleeping bag that attaches to the wall of the pod to prevent the astronaut aimlessly floating around when they are getting some shut-eye.

Once settled in the sleeping bag, the astronauts then reach out of the bag to zip it up and then use accompanying Velcro straps to secure their arms in place. Again, there’s no memory foam or feather-filled pillows to support your weary head in space, but some astronauts choose to Velcro their head to a piece of foam for some additional support and comfort.

Even if you are not heading off space, it is worth making sure that your bed and mattress are comfortable and supportive to make sure you spend enough time in the land of nod.

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