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How to Create a Feng Shui Bedroom

How to Create a Feng Shui Bedroom

The ancient practice of Feng Shui is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and has been practised for centuries to help us design environments that promote success in all aspects of life. The concept is based on the idea that everything, even inanimate objects, has energy or life force, referred to as “Chi”, and that there should be balance between your energy and that of your home.

Feng Shui can be used to enhance the flow of energy in the home and to create harmonious surroundings that support health, attract wealth, invite happiness and promote wellbeing. And for anyone new to the practice of Feng Shui and thinking about giving it a try, the bedroom is probably the best place to start.

Feng Shui Your Way to Better Sleep

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom, and especially the bed, is considered to be the most important place in the home. It is where we go to rebuild our energy levels and to refresh our physical, and mental health. So it is extremely important to implement Feng Shui in the bedroom in order to promote better rest, relaxation and relationships.

Feng Shui consultant Sarah McAllister of The Feng Shui Agency says: “The space you sleep in most definitely affects the quality of your sleep. From obvious things like mattress quality, fresh air circulation and light levels to the more subtle aspects such as the hidden energy of Chi or life-force in your bedroom. Without good quality sleep your health is affected as a direct consequence.”

McAllister says that there are also “modern day Feng Shui considerations which are like 'slow poison' and affect us negatively over longer periods of time”. She explains that electromagnetic stress and negative earth energy lines can stress our bio-energetic field, and therefore over time our immune system. Whilst we may not be able to identify such risks ourselves, McAllister reassures us that a good Feng Shui consultant can detect those energies and advise suitable remedies.


Investing in a good quality, solid, high headboard helps to improve the Feng Shui of the bedroom

Investing in a good quality, solid, high headboard helps to improve the Feng Shui of the bedroom


There are however, plenty of steps that we can take ourselves to improve the Feng Shui of our bedrooms. McAllister suggests investing in a good quality solid headboard, preferably made of wood, but with some soft padding and having it nice and high, not too low. She also advises against too much bold red, geometric patterns or bold stripes as these are all too stimulating for a bedroom environment.

Bed Placement is Essential in Feng Shui

There are a number of things that McAllister insists are not good for Feng Shui in the bedroom. For example, she doesn’t recommend placing the bed under a large window and nor should the bed be positioned beneath beams. It is also not a good idea to hang mirrors or heavy pieces of artwork above the bed. Nor should mirrors be hung opposite the bed. She also believes that having open plan bathrooms behind the bed area or Jacuzzis at the end of the bed area or close by will have a detrimental effect.

Manhatten White Gloss Wooden Bed

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the bed should not be placed beneath a window



The optimum positioning of the furniture in the bedroom is actually more complicated than we would imagine. McAllister says: “There are precise compass orientations to align your bed which encourage more restful sleep, and these are all linked to your date of birth, the time of which holds its own unique energy. Added to this, the colours used in the bedroom are influenced by what we call the "Flying Star" energies, which require certain elements (water, wood, fire, earth or metal) to balance them. And deeper still is the constitutional energy of the bedroom, which is calculated by the direction of the house and the location of the front door. If your bedroom is in the Heavenly Healer energy then you are likely to sleep well, but if it is in the 5 Ghosts Direction your sleep will be interrupted.”

So what can we take away from this? Feng Shui has the potential to transform your bedroom in such a way that it can bring balance, comfort and harmony into your life. There are a few simple steps that we can take when it comes to choosing what to bring into the bedroom and where to place it, in order to improve the natural energy flow. But if we really want to make the most of the benefits that Feng Shui can bring, it’s probably best to consult a professional.

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