How to create a healthy sleep routine for children


- August 15, 2015

How to create a healthy sleep routine for children

Though they may not like to admit it, the continuing school holidays can cause some parents look forward to the time their children return to school. Holidays can mean later nights and later mornings, so it is important to begin to establish a solid bedtime routine in the run up to the new school term.

Sleep loss at any age is known to impact on our overall mental health and wellbeing, so to ensure children are alert and focused for their time at school, it’s really important that they’re provided with an environment that encourages restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Steps to take to support a structured bedtime include:

Sticking to a set time of going to bed

By trying to maintain the same time of going to bed and getting up, you are setting foundations for healthy and beneficial sleep habits.

Allowing ‘wind down’ time for an hour before sleep

Set aside around 60 minutes before sleep for your kids to wind down by reading a book or quietly listen to some music. Avoid the likes of computer games and TV, which may overstimulate and delay sleeping.

Ensuring their bed is comfortable

Whether they have a single bed with storage to maximise the available space and keep it clutter free, or bunk beds meaning siblings can share a room using half the required space of two beds, making sure the mattress provides your growing child with sufficient protection is key, so check it regularly.

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