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How to Design an Inviting Guest Bedroom

How to Design an Inviting Guest Bedroom

We know designing a guest bedroom can be a bit confusing – do you keep it neutral or go bold? What furniture do you need? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Here’s your go-to article for all the small guest bedroom decorating ideas featuring the best guest room furniture to ensure everyone in your home gets a good night’s sleep.

Pick a Theme

The most daunting part of the process, but the best place to start – choosing the right theme. When decorating our own bedroom, the inspiration for the perfect theme comes naturally, as we know exactly what we want, but why does it seem to be so much more difficult when designing a guest bedroom?

Well, the complication arises when we try to find the right theme for everyone. A guest bedroom needs to be flexible, neutral and stylish to allow all guests from far and near to appreciate the aesthetics. The safest option is lighter shades, grey and monochrome as it keeps things gender-neutral and timelessly on-trend. However, when designing a guest bedroom, you don’t always have to play it safe.

Colour Theme Options

Although your guest bedroom is technically for the benefit of other people, it is important to remember that it is still a big part of your home and the decision of decorating it is ultimately down to you. Consider the general theme of your home and coordinate the guest bedroom to complement this – do you tend to opt for more unique contemporary styling or traditional decor? Your guest bedroom should reflect your home theme and your own personality, and if this means colour, all guests are sure to love it!

Choose a Comfortable Guest Bed

Now for the main event – choosing the bed. The whole purpose of a guest bedroom is to put the guest bed in it, right? In many cases, the perfect guest bed will set the theme of the room for you and with the wide range of guest beds available on the market, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you opt for a luxurious large bed for an extra-glamorous guest bedroom or keep it simple and convenient with a trundle beds feature, there are various guest bedroom styles you can create simply through your choice of bed.

Happy Beds Tyler Trundle Bed

Usually, guest beds are built for convenience and offer personalised sleeping spaces with added storage to keep things tidy. Perfect for those who host multiple guests, guest beds with trundle features offer additional sleeping spaces with convenient functionality to accommodate smaller homes.

When choosing the right guest bed, you must consider various factors including size, colour, features and of course comfort. The perfect bed will fit well into the available floor space, boast reliable materials for full-support and look pretty.

White Bedroom And Bedside Table

Provide a Warm Welcome

So, what sets apart an average guest bedroom to a warm, welcoming and cosy guest bedroom? Never underestimate the power of little finishing touches! Personal items of decoration make a guest bedroom stand out and offer a welcoming environment that your guests will certainly appreciate.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to neglect the guest bedroom as it is a rarely visited area of the house, leaving them appearing bare and uninviting, but it’s time to change this!

Add a mirror to the wall, a few candles and a couple of throw cushions to go the extra mile for your guests. These little finishing touches are all it takes to elevate a guest bedroom to new levels of cosiness, making your guests feel as at home as possible.

Want More Small Guest Room Decorating Ideas?

If the above has just whetted your appetite, then check out our interior inspiration section of our blog. Here you’ll find posts on trendy colours, choosing the right bed and mattress, and styling the rest of your room.

And, we would love to see these tips in action! So, if you use Happy Beds furniture in your guest bedroom, send us your pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the chance of a share or retweet. We’d love to see how your spare room transformations turn out!

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