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How to Make an Old Rental House Look Nice

How to Make an Old Rental House Look Nice

Renting is a practical option, but sometimes it can be hard to make a flat feel homely when you can’t make decorating changes. However, I’ve got some simple tips for injecting personality into your interior décor without annoying a landlord. Why not give our DIY bedroom makeover ideas a go?


Choose Colourful Bedding

Pink Bedding On Wooden Bed

Crisp white cotton sheets are a staple. However, placed against a white wall, they can look a little stark. So, why not inject a little colour into your room and warm up your space with a duvet set in a bold hue?

Why not try Panda Bedding? A sustainable but beautiful option with the texture of a silk blend thought the sheets are made of bamboo fibre! As you can see from above,  they're beautiful.


Prop Up Prints

White Bedroom And Furniture

Ok, so you may not be able to put nails in the wall and hang photos, but you could prop up prints. Whether on a shelf or on top of furniture, combining prints, typography and photos is an effective way of decorating which is bang on trend. Don't forget things like command strips exist! They're a favourite in university halls to decorate the walls.

Stick to a colour theme throughout the images for a cohesive scheme that’ll tie in with your overall décor in the room.

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Go Green with Plants

Dog On White Bed

Another simple way to add colour into a room, when decorating a rental apartment on a budget, is using plants. Whether you choose an over-sized cheese plant, a dainty cactus, or an elegant orchid, placing a plant or vase of flowers in your bedroom will brighten up the space, as well as provide a number of air-purifying benefits.

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Invest in Plush Window Treatments

Of course, your bedding isn’t the only soft furnishing you can update when your diy rental apartment decorating. One other large swathe of fabric is your curtains.

Blackout curtains are essential for keeping your room dark in order to avoid disrupted sleep, and they’re also an effective way of framing the view through your window. A long, draped set of curtains in a bright colour or bold print will draw your eye as a focal point in the room, as well as brightening up a basic white space in a rental apartment.


Don’t Be Afraid To Decorate Walls

Wall Hanging Painting

Obviously, don’t go painting walls unless you have a landlord’s permission. We recommend putting some colourful bunting over a window frame to invigorate a room to inject some colour, but painting walls shouldn’t be out of the question either.

Ian Henderson, Design Manager at I Love Wallpaper, has provided some expert advice on painting a rented property, as well as some encouragement about a landlord’s understanding:

“It’s understandable that when renting, you’ll want to make your property feel like home. Landlords are often more open-minded than you realise, and by offering to brighten up the living room or bedroom with a fresh lick of paint, you could actually be doing them a favour! With this in mind, sticking to a neutral yet contemporary colour palette of classic white, duck egg blue and shades of grey, rather than a vibrant red or jarring yellow, will leave you in good stead with your landlord once your tenancy is up. Painting with neutral colours also provides the perfect backdrop to get creative with homeware and accessories to add personality to a room, whilst keeping up with the ever-changing interior design trends.

The bonus of using paint to personalise a rental property over wallpaper is that it may suit your budget better, and thinking ahead to the future, you may be required to remove it before you leave the property. A painted wall also has more longevity over wallpaper with a set design that reflects current trends, which can become dated as soon as the next popular pattern or print comes along. For a cheap and cheerful way to update your rented home, go for a one-coat matte paint to put your stamp on the property without breaking the bank or your relationship with your landlord.”


Be Bold with Your Headboard

Happy Beds Grey Winged Bed

Updating a rental property and its décor is simple with one of our beds. There’s no need to hang a picture, or prop an oversized mirror against your walls, to try and break up the bland, when you have a fabulously large headboard positioned in pride of place.

I’m obsessed with the winged bed style and thier buttoned, diamond pattern headboards. The oversized, winged shape makes it look like it’s straight out of a five-star hotel. Plus, as many of these are ottoman beds the storage comes in handy too!


Are You Decorating a Rental Apartment on a Budget?

Then our affordable, high-quality double beds may be just what you’re looking for. We’ve plenty of designs, colours and materials to choose from. Plus, you could even build your own bed to your exact preference with our handy design tool.

If you have any top tips on how to make an old rental house look nice, we’d love to hear them. Reach out to us via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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