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How to Maximise Space in Kids’ Bedrooms

How to Maximise Space in Kids’ Bedrooms

Tidying your child’s bedroom is just as tedious as neatening any other room in your house, but with our little whirlwinds of fun, these colourful rooms seem to get messed up much more quickly. But don’t fret. With some clever storage solutions, you can transform your tike’s space so it stays organised for that little bit longer.

And who better to let us in on the secrets of tidying children’s bedrooms than the experts that write some of the UK’s best and most beloved ‘mummy blogs’? Here are their pearls of organised wisdom:

Jo, Slummy Single Mummy

“My main issue with kids' bedrooms has always been the sheer amount of STUFF they seem to collect, especially my youngest daughter Belle, who seems to have a bit of a bric-a-brac fetish.

“Unfortunately, unless you can afford to move to a bigger house, the only thing you can do is simply get rid of things.

“Of course, kids aren't always on board with the whole Marie Kondo school of thought, so you do have to be a bit ruthless. I have been known to sneak things out that I think are just rubbish, but I have another method which I employ from time to time - I'll go into Belle's room when she's not there, and fill a bag or box with about twenty items that I think she can afford to get rid of. If she can name anything that's missing, she can have it back.

“I'll hold onto the items for a month or so, to give her the opportunity to miss them, but inevitably she never spots what's gone. It drives her absolutely nuts, but needs must. I tend to think that if you don't miss something, you didn't really need it in the first place!

Helen, Actually Mummy

“When you have kids you have clutter. It's a fact of life with children. Accumulating 'stuff' seems essential in the life of a child or teenager, and putting it away neatly lands right at the bottom of their to-do lists. Why would you put something away, when you might need it again tomorrow? There's a logic in there somewhere.

“We recently revamped my daughter's bedroom to reflect the fact that she was no longer 4, in love with pink, and obsessed with all things princess. At 11, she wanted a cool, modern, and stylish room, where she could hang out with her friends and feel like she had her own space, but she wasn't ready to completely give up childhood loves. I wanted rid of all the chaos, but she wouldn't contemplate chucking out the Barbie dolls or the slightly too young books. So clever storage became the goal.

“Her room now looks tidy(ish) and elegant, thanks to 2 furniture items. Her double bed is an ottoman, with a large storage space in the divan. Her hundred or so teddies reside there most of the time, almost forgotten, but comfortingly close.

“And the far end of her room is given over entirely to a wardrobe with sliding mirror panels. Filled with shelves and drawers, there is room for pretty much everything. I agree never look inside. She commits to hiding all junk behind its sliding doors. We're both happy!”

Susan, Once Upon a Time – Susan K Mann

“I have two boys who share a room, so bunk beds are essential for us. It saves space by not having two beds in the room. Any beds that can have storage underneath in terms of a pull out drawer or cupboard are ideal.

“I store soft toys in a duvet cover which doubles as a bean bag. Also shelves with storage boxes are great for storing toys and putting them away, leaving floors free of clutter.

“My top tips would be large tubs to put small toys in, quick to lift and place, plus kids tend to put the toys away as it's simple.”

Sally, Who’s The Mummy?

“My top tip would be: regularly clean out wardrobes and drawers, as children grow out of clothes and toys so quickly and they take up so much room.

“But I only do this when my daughter is at school because otherwise we end up debating each item as it goes into the bag for the charity shop. She tries to convince me those trousers aren’t too short or she can squeeze into a too-small hoodie.

“I also discard a lot of big boxes, used as packaging, and instead move toys and supplies into baskets on shelves – often this can reduce the amount of space needed by half.”

Let Happy Beds Help with Your Storage Woes

Happy Beds Kimbo Blue-White Bed

If you’re looking to boost the amount of storage your child has in their room, without compromising on play space, our sleep stations and bunk beds could be the answer.

Our sleep station children’s beds have the same floorplan as a normal kids bed but have handy drawers, wardrobes or shelves underneath. And when used alongside the mummy bloggers’ tips, they could offer a functional and stylish solution to your mess misery.

Do you have a top storage tip that will rival the advice above? Then tweet us your thoughts @HappyBeds


(Top image: Diego Delso under CC BY-SA 4.0)