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How to Prepare the Perfect Guest Bedroom in Six Simple Steps

How to Prepare the Perfect Guest Bedroom in Six Simple Steps

Having friends and family come to stay can be a great experience and it’s something that many of us will be starting to prepare for as the festive season approaches. It’s obviously important to make your guests feel at home, and your guest bedroom plays a large part in how your visitors will feel about their stay.
But don’t worry! We are going to take you through six simple steps to create a guest bedroom that will leave your guests feeling as though they’ve had the five star hotel treatment.

The Guest Bedroom of Karen Knox of Making Spaces Blog

Image credit: Karen Knox of Making Spaces


1. Provide Adequate Storage

When your guests arrive, they will inevitably have brought luggage with them and they will really appreciate having somewhere to store it. Consider having a fold away luggage rack that they can place their suitcases on to unpack and repack their belongings. And nobody wants to live out of a suitcase whilst they are away from home, so try to free up some space for their accoutrements. Whether that is some hanging space in the wardrobe or a few drawers in the chest, guests will appreciate the gesture. Hooks and hangers are also useful for items that need to be readily accessed.


The calming bedroom of Kate Baxter from Fabric of my Life

Image credit: Kate Baxter of Fabric of my Life


2. Create a Relaxing Environment

Being away from your own bed can be stressful as it’s always harder to sleep in a new environment. Therefore, it's important to make sure that visitors are able to settle in to their new sleep routine with minimal disruption. Whilst it may only be used infrequently, your guest bed should be a good-quality piece of furniture and you should opt for the best mattress that you can afford. It is also a good idea to test the bed out yourself before welcoming any guests.

When it comes to bedding, don’t scrimp. Treat your guests to high-quality bed linen that wouldn’t be out of place in a boutique hotel. And finally, don’t forget window dressings. When guests are visiting, they are normally on holiday, so they probably don’t want to be woken up at the crack of dawn by sunlight pouring through the window. Invest in some decent blinds, preferably black out blinds, or some thick curtains that are up to the job.


The Guest Bedroom of Karen Knox of Making Spaces Blog 2

Image credit: Karen Knox of Making Spaces


3. Ensure Guests Are Comfortable

Don’t just assume that what makes you feel comfortable will do the same for your visitors. It’s always a good idea to leave extra pillows and blankets out so that your guests won’t be left feeling cold or unsupported. Likewise, let them know how to regulate the heating in their room in case it gets too hot.

It might also be a good idea to provide an eye mask and some ear plugs as they might be used to sleeping in different conditions.

A nice touch is to leave a carafe of water and a couple of glasses beside the bed just in case they get thirsty in the night as you don’t want them fumbling around in the dark looking for refreshments.



Image credit: Kate Baxter of Fabric of my Life

If you have the space, try providing somewhere comfy to sit so your guests aren’t confined to the bed. A stylish arm chair will do the job nicely.

And if you’re really looking to get brownie points, try providing a luxurious robe and slippers. Guests seldom have the space to pack their own, but these home comforts make all the difference.


4. Create the right Atmosphere

In order to make your guests feel truly welcome, it’s important to think of the atmosphere in your guest room. Have a good declutter before they arrive and only leave the essentials on show. You don’t want your visitors to feel like they are sleeping in the corner of your junk room.


Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living's Attic bedroom

Image credit: Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living


Add some scented candles that you can burn before their arrival and consider having fresh flowers or a small potted plant to welcome them. A reading lamp will also help guests to wind down at night. There is nothing worse than having to put 'the big light' on when getting ready for bed.

A tray with some snacks, perhaps even some indulgent chocolate or biscuits, will make them feel special. And if you’re looking to be crowned 'Host(ess) with the Mostest' a coffee machine in the room would surely clinch it.


Bedroom makeover by Rachel Southern of The Ordinary Lovely

Image credit: Rachel Southern of The Ordinary Lovely


5. Provide Practical Pampering Products

Most people tend to take their own toiletries away with them, but there is always the possibility that your guests may have forgotten something. Try filling up a small basket with essentials that they may need during their stay. Things like shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, facewash, deodorant, tooth paste, spare tooth brushes and razors may come in handy.



Image credit:Cate St Hill


6. Entertain your Guests

Whilst your visitors have inevitably come to see you, they will also need time to themselves and their own space. So it’s a good idea to provide some kind of entertainment for them in the guest room. A select few books and a stack of magazines will provide some bedtime reading material, whilst a radio can help to add some background noise.

A spare charger for phones, tablets and other devices will surely be welcome and consider leaving your wi-fi code in plain sight so guests don’t need to keep asking.

These six simple steps are all quite obvious when you think about it. Just try imagining what you would appreciate as a guest and take your cue from hotel rooms. It will do wonders for your reputation as a host(ess) and your guests will be queuing up for another visit. If you're looking to inject some comfort into your spare room, take a look at our guest beds.

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