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How to Transform Your Child’s Bedroom During the School Summer Holidays

How to Transform Your Child’s Bedroom During the School Summer Holidays

For better or worse, the summer holidays are kicking off soon. This is great news for teachers and schoolkids, but not so much for the rest of us.

Still, when the weather’s as gloriously sunny and inviting as it’s been recently, it’s hard to be negative about this. So, with positivity in mind and the jubilation of a child free of school, let’s look forward to how we can best make use of this upcoming occasion.


Things to Do in The Summer Holidays at Home

Even though a thousand and one thoughts come to mind (most of which include some form of cocktail), there are certain ideas that can best include the kids. My main train of thought is going along the tracks of redecorating - as with the kids at home, it’d be a fun activity that not only encourages their creativity but provides ample bonding time.

You can ask your children how they’d like their new room to look like and start planning a way to make their dreams a reality. Sure, you might not be able to grant them any of their crayon drawn requests, such as my childhood vision of having candy dispensers, gaming consoles and televisions embedded in literally every wall of my room, but asking them what they’d love can start to get the ball rolling.

Balancing form and function for a kid’s room can be a challenge, but when working on it or planning it with your child, it can be a delightful experience. For those stuck for inspiration or unsure how best to begin, why not take a look at what Happy Beds has got in mind?


Go Bigger, Brighter, and Bolder with Décor



Are your kids big football fans? Then grab green rugs to emulate a football pitch and get those team colours across the room.

How about animal lovers? Get some stencils of their favourite animals across their bedframe and furniture.

There are plenty of options for mixing decorating with new furniture, such as sleeper stations that mix beds with cupboards, desks and shelves, but those are relatively large changes; smaller ones can be easily achieved with great results.

A splash of colour can breathe new life into a room, but when it comes to a kid’s room you should probably adhere to the adage of ‘bigger is better’. While a fresh lick of paint can often work wonders in an adult’s room, a kid’s room might be more in the market for elaborate decorations, kooky features and the sort of additions to a room that most adults would deem ‘a tad excessive’.


Regardless of what you may or may not be able to achieve with redecorating it’s vital to get your child’s input. Get them involved with the planning and even the execution of the redecorating, as it’s always a great bonding experience, as well as a teaching experience.

See what expectations they have, see what kind of room they want, and then work with them to try and achieve their dream room.


Make Sure Décor is Both Practical and Fun



When the thought of themes and aesthetics is established then it’s time to think about functionality. In fact, it may be wiser to consider these factors beforehand as they can work wonderfully in tandem.

Just as an example, if your child loves reading then when why not get a sleep station with bookcase capabilities, and then dedicate a corner of the room as a reading nook? (Our Milo Grey Wooden Mid Sleeper is ideal for this.) Or build little bookshelves around a bean bag for that chilled out reading environment; the opportunities are endless.

It’s these kinds of thoughts that can make decorating with an eye for practicality work fantastically well together. They don’t even need to be limited to any niche applications, as procuring the likes of bunk beds opens up a wealth of opportunities. Having friends stay over, being elated by sleeping up high, transforming the frame into a fort; these are just a few examples of what bunk beds can bring to a child in their bedroom.

This kind of mentality is what can carry a theme throughout the entire redecorating process. Small yet essential touches can easily be integrated in virtually any kind of kid’s bedroom too, including storage solutions.

Depending on the shapes and sizes they come in, toy boxes, cupboards and drawers can not only add to the decor you’re trying to portray, but offer plenty of space to safely store away all the toys, books and many, many more possessions your children will surely have lying around the room and the house.


Don’t Forget Those Finishing, Custom Touches


princess room

With the broad strokes taken care of and the purpose of the redecoration established, it’s time to add those extra elements of charm that’ll make your child’s bedroom their bedroom. They can add all to the overall ambience with their own little additions, such as their own stuffed toys and posters portraying new shows and singers.

Alternatively, why not revamp wooden furniture or display a monogram wall decal - the extra mile with redecorating can really bring the whole room together. This’ll make your kid’s bedroom all the more appealing to them, as well as a delightful addition to the home in general.


Time to Get Decorating!

If you’re looking for boys or girls bedroom ideas and are considering redecorating during the break, we’ve got you covered. Check out our kids beds and bunk beds, or head over to our blog post 13 Amazing Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You’ for more design ideas.