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Ideas Galore: How to Plan the Perfect Kids' Sleepover

Ideas Galore: How to Plan the Perfect Kids' Sleepover

What could be more exciting than having your friend over for tea? Well, a sleepover with all your BFFs of course.

But as parents, how can we ensure the kids have a brilliant time, without the house getting trashed or us spending a small fortune?

With the following party planning tips, you’ll organise the ideal shindig that your kids will rave about for weeks to come, and you’ll be able to manage with ease. So, if you've been looking to host the best kids sleepover party then read on!


Build a Brilliant Blanket Tent

blanket tent

If you're wondering how to plan a sleepover, let's first start with the basics - providing somewhere for them to sleep! If you don’t have a bunk bed, or there's more than one extra child staying the night, then sleeping bags on the floor are a must. However, this doesn’t have to be hard and uncomfortable.

Pull out some spare sheets, blankets and towels from the airing cupboard, and create a magical den with a little help from some clothes pegs and some lights leftover from Christmas.

You’ll soon have a fort that the kids will be dying to explore and you’ll be tempted to snooze in yourself.


Snack Happy with Sweet Treats

Before you host your sleepover, you'll need some slumber party supplies. Children’s party food can be tricky to organise, as you want to provide tasty treats, but at the same time, you don’t want to give them too much of a sugar rush.

You could even plan some dessert decorating as a fun activity for the kids too. Allow them to customise cupcakes in their own makeshift cooking station in your kitchen or design their own ice creams from a small selection of toppings.

Our favourite? Raspberry ripple with strawberry sauce and hundreds and thousands.


Tire Them Out with Fun Activities


There’s so much more to a slumber party than sleeping. So, if you’re worried about how you’ll keep your child’s friends entertained, you may like to try a few of our suggestions.

Scary stories or thrilling movies are ideal for older kids who love the adrenaline rush. But for younger kids, who aren’t quite ready for the likes of Gremlins or The Witches yet, why not turn your living room into a home cinema showing family favourites?

Stock up on plenty of popcorn and juice cartons, then close the curtains tight to create the feeling of being in a dark cinema. You could even give the children a selection of films to choose from, as you would at a real cinema. Or ask them to bring a copy of their own favourite movie with them.

Sadly, even the longest films only last around three hours, so what will your kids be up to the rest of the time?

In our day it would have been a ‘quick’ game of monopoly and weaving each other friendship bracelets, but perhaps the modern child may enjoy something more technological.

Plugging in a games console is always a party pleaser – especially if it is something that can be played by multiple players at once like Mario Kart or Just Dance.


Fill Up on a Hearty Breakfast

fill up on a hearty breakfast

A lot of the time parents plan a slumber party and forget about the next morning.

Make sure to stock up on plenty of breakfast alternatives, from cereal to eggs, toast to pancakes, so there is something for every taste and no child will go home feeling hungry.


Share Your Sleepover Success Stories

Are you the king or queen sleepover party planner? Perhaps your kids think you’re a ‘legend’ because of a recent sleepover you planned for them?

If you do have a few words of wisdom however, we’d love to learn from your words of wisdom!

Share your top sleepover tips with us on Twitter or Facebook.

If all else fails, maybe just put them all in a super king sized bed and hope for the best?

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(main image: Courtney Carmody under CC BY-SA 2.0, tent image: Max Charping under CC BY 2.0)

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