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Interior Design and Mental Health: How Your Home Affects Your Mood

Interior Design and Mental Health: How Your Home Affects Your Mood

With Christmas just around the corner, and the hope of Covid restrictions being lifted just for the occasion, things are finally starting to look up! "About bloomin’ time!" I hear you cry. But what about afterwards?

It’s no secret that January has a tendency to bring with it a bit of a ‘comedown,’ so it’s really important that we all take special care of our mental health to avoid experiencing low mood.

This for many people, will be achieved by eating well, exercising and (if we’re allowed) socialising. But if you’re a home lover, there’s another way you can go about it. Accessorising! It won’t cost the earth and the difference it can make will surprise you. The psychological effects of interior design are far reaching!

So, whether it’s a new vase with some pretty flowers popped inside, a scented candle or new cushion and throw combination - trust me – it will be well worth it!

Happy Beds aren’t shy of a bit of home titivation and a browse of their accessories page will bring you some lovely ideas for revamping your interiors and boosting your mood.

So, if you have anxiety about home repairs or simply think it’s time to add a little pizazz, check out a few of my favourite must-have accessories below.

Here Are My Handpicked Favourites…

1. The Victor Headboard in Natural Suede

I’m loving neutrals at the moment and a headboard brings a real wow factor to the bedroom. This classic, timeless style will keep your bed looking stylish for years to come.

If it doesn’t quite fit your scheme though, you can design your own headboard by customising the style, colour, fabric and size to suit your precise requirements. Cool hey?

Neutral Suede Victor Headboard

2. The Bonkers Chino Beanbag

Who doesn’t love a beanbag? This trendy dark grey one would make a great addition to any living room and provide a fun, comfy place to sit for kids and teenagers.

Grey Bonkers Chino Beanbag

3. Vintage Pink 100% Bamboo Bedding Set

Anyone who follows myself and my interior design partner Spiv on Instagram (@_homebirds­_) will know how much we LOVE blush pink! This eco-friendly duvet cover is made from 100% organically and sustainably grown bamboo and the subtle pink tone is divine. It has a silky, cashmere-like feel and comes in a choice of 4 other stylish colours too.

Vintage Pink Bamboo Bedding Set

How Your Home Affects Your Mood

Okay, admittedly, adding a few accessories will not cure any mental health issues you have been experiencing. However, keeping busy and making your surroundings more comfortable could help ease symptoms.

I love decorating to calm anxiety or cure my boredom and have found, for me, the impact of environment on mental health is huge. Styling my home keeps me busy, my mind off worries, and I feel much more relaxed when my surroundings look beautiful. Plus, a tidy up always helps.

And, it seems like many people agree. A 2019 HomeOwners Alliance survey of 2,000 UK adults found the key factors in promoting mental wellbeing and happiness are:

  • A well-maintained outside space (58%)
  • Feeling safe with well secured locks (57%)
  • Nice neighbours (55%)
  • Good natural light/ large windows (53%)
  • A lack of night time disturbances (52%)
  • An organised, tidy space (44%)
  • Low noise pollution (38%)
  • Plenty of storage (37%)
  • How Does Your Environment Affect You?

    Do you find accessorising calming like me? If so, why not pop a home accessory or two on your Christmas list this year? Or treat a loved one? The joy they can bring will certainly help to eradicate those pesky January blues.

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