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How to Introduce Metal Furniture into Your Bedroom Scheme

How to Introduce Metal Furniture into Your Bedroom Scheme

Metal furniture has been on-trend for a very long time, and this décor style shows no sign of slowing down. There’s something very timeless and modern about metal furniture; it has the power to transform any bedroom into an incredibly fashionable living space with ease.

In this blog article, we will be sharing the best ways to style metal furniture in your bedroom, and hopefully inspire you along the way.


Start with the Bed

The easiest place to start when venturing into the world of metal furniture is with the bed frame. Metal Beds come in a range of styles and colours to create some very interesting bed frames which blend with a wide range of bedroom interior styles.

One concern when choosing a metal bed is exactly how to make it cosy. Many believe that because the bed is made from metal, it may be cold and unwelcoming. However, this isn’t the case. When styling a metal bed, add plenty of faux furs, throw cushions and cosy decorative touches to make the sleeping area as welcoming as possible. Take a look at this styling of our Atlas Cream Metal Bed – bright, refreshing and incredibly cosy!


The Minimalistic Approach

Many bedrooms which feature metal furniture have a minimalistic design, which is a top interior design trend which strips bedrooms back of furniture and decoration to include only essential items. This not only creates a very modern bedroom appearance, but the minimalistic approach is also the perfect choice for bedrooms of limited space.

When designing a minimalistic bedroom with metal furniture, simply include a stylish bed and a space-maximising storage solution with a few decorative touches, such as wall-mounted images.

It is almost impossible to make a minimalistic metal-furnished bedroom fall out of style, as both feature very reliable design trends which have remained stylish for a long time, and show no signs of slowing down. It can be easy to use these trends to create a very unique and stylish bedroom, which is sure to make your friends envious.


Choose Neutral Tones

One fool-proof way of creating the perfect metal bedroom décor is to keep colours neutral or have fun with metallic based colours. Tones such as grey or black are the height of modern interior design and you can be confident that your colour scheme will simply never leave fashion - it is incredibly easy to adjust and maintain over time.

I’m in love with the Indigo Black Hanging Rail – it’s the ideal open-concept, metal bedroom storage solution.


Add a Metallic Touch to Your Home

If you are considering an all-new metal bedroom theme, be sure to check out our Metal Bed and Furniture Care Guide for all the tips and tricks of how to make metal furniture shine and last longer.

For further inspiration, check out our metal beds and metal furniture ranges, and browse images on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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