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Is a TV Bed the Ultimate Affordable Indulgence?

Is a TV Bed the Ultimate Affordable Indulgence?

What does your ideal weekend look like? Mine starts with a lie-in with breakfast in bed while I catch up on my favourite programmes and snuggle up with my kids.

If that sounds blissful to you too, then I must recommend a TV bed. I think it’s the ultimate affordable indulgence to add to your home.

Check out just a few of the benefits of a TV bed here:


Ideal for Lie-Ins

Well, let’s get the obvious one out of the way. A bed with a built in TV is designed for late night or morning viewing from the comfort of your mattress. Heck! You don’t even have to get changed out of your pyjamas. Simply grab the remote from your bedside and enjoy a few hours of viewing.

A bed with a TV built in truly is the best Sunday morning accessory you could ask for! Add a breakfast in there too and you'll be in heaven.


Negate the Need for Additional Furniture Stands

Happy Beds Barnard Grey TV Bed

A TV bed is perfect for making the most of limited space in a small bedroom. Why? Well, there’s no need to invest in an expensive stand or give up space on your wall, in your wardrobe or on top of your chest of drawers. Instead, your TV neatly fits into an empty cavity at the bottom of your bed.

With a more immersive viewing experience in a discrete, space-saving design, the TV bed is definitely the most convenient way to watch television from the comfort of your own bed.


Hide Messy Wires with Ease

Happy Beds Barnard Grey TV Bed

When you look at a television, what do you see? Yes, the screen, but many of us also see a handful of messy multi-coloured wires poking out the back. But there’s no need to unplug your Sky box or DVD player to tidy things up. With a television bed, all essential wires and USB cables can easily and safely be hidden within the frame.

Most of our TV beds feature a dedicated slot in their side that is perfect for your Sky TV box, hub, Xbox or PlayStation, meaning no trip hazards from trailing cables.


Added Hidden Storage

Happy Beds Barnard Grey TV Bed

It’s not just the television and it associated parts that you can store in a television bed either. We’ve plenty of TV beds with storage built in too. Whether you hide away spare bedding, towels, or your out-of-season clothing, our ottoman TV beds are excellent for smaller bedrooms or anyone who simply needs more storage space.


No Need to Compromise Your Interior Design

Happy Beds Barnard Grey TV Bed

If you like your home décor like me, then you’ll probably find televisions frustrating. You spend ages researching and perfecting a calming and aesthetically pleasing environment with throw pillows, accessories and soft furnishings, only to have a big black square ruin it.

Not anymore. The beauty of television beds is that they recess when they’re not in use to form a discrete and seamless bed silhouette. In fact, from across the room, you’d never know there was something special about the bed at all.

Not only do they make for more attractive television storage, the beds themselves are beautiful. Available in an array of colours and fabrics, you are sure to find a TV bed to suit you. For example our crushed velvet tv bed picture above, the Barnard, would make a fabulous centrepiece for any master bedroom.

They’re Affordable!

So, the indulgent aspect of these beds is now obvious, but what about the ‘affordable’ aspect? Well, when you shop with us you’re guaranteed great value for money. Discover our range of TV beds and save today.

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