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Is There a Right Side of the Bed, Or Should You Switch Things Up?

Is There a Right Side of the Bed, Or Should You Switch Things Up?

When you tweet your musings, it’s unlikely you ever expect your tweet to go viral (even though many of us may like it). Well, that was the case for Steve O’Rourke when he shared with the world that he and his partner sleep on a different side of the bed every night.


Steve went on to clarify, the first person to bed decides on the side they sleep, but they keep their own pillows. This had never been abnormal to the couple, but seeing the mass response from his revelation got us thinking: is there a right side of the bed?

Common Reasons for Choosing Which Side You Sleep On

Trust me when I say, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons for why we should always sleep on the same side of the bed. Here are a few of the most common:

It’s the Masculine Side of the Bed!


In the UK, the odds on your home getting burglarised are around 1 in 650, and this becomes considerably rarer when you consider break-ins at night while someone is in. Despite the odds, many people ensure the biggest, most physically capable partner sleeps closest to the door, in order to fight off any potential criminals. In most heterosexual relationships this is the male.

I Go to Bed or Get Up Before My Partner

If your bed is pushed up against a wall and there is only one way on and off the mattress, then this may be a considerate reason for always sleeping on one side of the bed. If you go to bed or get up before your partner, sleeping closest to the wall will prevent waking them.

I Wake Up More in the Night

Whether it’s waking to use the toilet, to see to a baby, or simply because you sleep poorly, many people who wake frequently at night decide to sleep on the side nearest to the ensuite or bedroom door for convenience.

I Feel Claustrophobic

Let’s face it, if you don’t like enclosed spaces, you’re unlikely to be a fan of sleeping against a wall. Therefore, whatever side provides the most space should suit best.

I Slept on This Side Before We Got Together

If you’ve always slept on the same side, it can be hard to change things up once you become a couple and start sharing a larger bed; let’s just hope your new partner prefers the other side!

I Get Hot at Night


Choosing a duvet and bedding that suits both of your preferred temperatures can be tricky. That’s why some people would rather sleep nearest the window, where a cool breeze can reach them, and away from a radiator.

I’m Pregnant!

This one is backed by science. Studies have found that sleeping on your left side when pregnant will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. So, sleeping on the left side of the bed is actually in an unborn child’s best interests.

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In fact, a study by Premier Inn also found that those who sleep on the left side of the bed wake up happier and better equipped to deal with the stresses of the day ahead.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching Things Up

It Could Prolong the Life of Your Mattress

Let’s face it, if one partner is considerably heavier than the other, their side of the mattress is likely to damage quicker, and depression may form leaving the lighter partner feeling like they are sleeping on a slant. Therefore, switching things up means this weight is more evenly spread and you won’t end up with a lopsided bed over time.

You Sleep Alone, So Why Not?

If you sleep alone, you have the freedom to sleep on whatever side you feel like. So, why not? Heck, you could even starfish, if you feel like it.

Equally, despite popular opinion, there are no unwritten rules stating that you should always sleep on the same side of your bed. In fact, you may not have made the decision to sleep on a certain side in the first place. So, why not be a rebel and switch things up tonight?

So, How Will You Decide Which Side to Sleep On?

Wherever you choose to sleep, for whatever reason, make sure it works for you, because no one like to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

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