Is there any truth in the tale of Princess and the Pea?


Joy Richards - September 26, 2014 Hi, I’m Joy - Happy Beds' Sleep Specialist. Aside from Italian food and my three lovely boys, nothing makes me happier than helping our customers find what works for them, and how they can make the most of their forty winks.

Is there any truth in the tale of Princess and the Pea?

There are many considerations to factor in when preparing for a good night’s sleep. Are you comfortable? Is the temperature right? Is it dark enough? You could be forgiven for likening the scenario to that of the princess and pea. Mattress toppers have risen in popularity as people strive for the ultimate night’s sleep, to leave them feeling refreshed and rested.

Whether you sleep on divan beds, kids’ bunk beds or even custom-made beds, there will be a mattress topper to suit. A popular choice is memory foam, although for some people it can retain the heat a bit too much.

These days, more people are turning to natural fillings, with wool said to ensure 25% more ‘stage four’ sleep, which is the important regenerative element of your snooze. If you are an allergy sufferer, silk may be a suitable filling as it’s despised by dust mites, lightweight, and cooler than other fillings.

Unusually, alpaca hair is also used as a filling and is said to be particularly comfortable, in addition to being hypoallergenic and great at balancing body temperature. Finally, horsehair is thought to make the perfect filling to any mattress topper, due to its cushioning feel and durability. Further, the open-celled strands of hair mean that it pulls moisture away from the body. This is one of the more expensive fillings.

There are a range of options to choose from and whilst your decision will be based on budget and personal choice, there is no need to feel like the princess in the tale, as with the right sleep zone, a good night’s sleep is there for the taking.