Just what the doctor ordered…


Joy Richards - October 8, 2014 Hi, I’m Joy - Happy Beds' Sleep Specialist. Aside from Italian food and my three lovely boys, nothing makes me happier than helping our customers find what works for them, and how they can make the most of their forty winks.

Just what the doctor ordered…

When it comes to feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the day’s challenges, a good nights sleep can be just what it takes. However, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

The Better Sleep Council is a non-profit organisation that is supported by the mattress industry. They provide information and guidance on choosing the right bed to create the perfect sleep environment. Whether pocket sprung mattresses or memory foam pillows, the decision is dependant on the individual making it, and there is so much more to a successful bedtime story.

To prime your sleep environment, you need to keep it dark, quiet and flowing with fresh air, so open the windows. To keep things as dark as possible, turn your LED clock to face the wall and contemplate an eye mask and ear plugs.

If you plan to design your own bedroom, it is important to factor in the following to aid a restful nights sleep. Use non–VOC (volatile organic compound) paint to prevent the trigger of potential allergies. Opt for hard flooring to reduce dust, and allergy triggers, paired with blinds or shutters as opposed to dust harbouring curtains.

If your child’s bed plays host to a menagerie of soft toys, by putting them in the freezer for 24 hours, banishes dust mites, which may trigger asthma. Finally make sure you wash your pillows at least twice each year and replace three yearly, and cover your mattress with a hypoallergenic cover.

Combine it all together, add a warm milky drink, and a good book, and you’re on the right track to the land of slumber.