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Why Lagom is the Hot New Trend You Need in Your Home

Why Lagom is the Hot New Trend You Need in Your Home

Thanks to hygge, Scandinavian influences have seen a huge influence on British homes over recent years, and we’re sure this next lifestyle trend will be just as popular.


What is Lagom Interior Design?

More than just a trend, lagom is a philosophy. A Swedish concept which translates as ‘enough, sufficient, adequate, just right’. It encourages moderation – not too much, not too little. Think Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Just right.

Unlike hygge’s ethos of getting cosy and seizing the moment, lagom is about functionality and living life in balance. It dictates that by doing just enough, everyone will be content, and encourages a sustainable way of living. Perhaps similar in a way to ‘wabi-sabi’ - the Japanese philosophy I wrote about last year.

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This ‘moderation’ can be extended to all areas of your life, from what you wear to what you eat. It’s all about enjoyment, without over-indulgence. For example, buying less expensive clothes, less frequently, and investing your money in travelling or experiences with friends instead.


What Does Lagom Home Design Look Like?

Lagom embraces upcycling and using suitable materials wherever possible to provide home comforts, without harming the planet too much. It also encourages pairing back, decluttering, and getting organised.

That means minimal decorative items, often white walls, and bleached wood furniture, teamed with live plants, plenty of natural light, and saying goodbye to snuggly carpets, for a clean, yet homely aesthetic.

In short, it’s all about making your home feel lighter and brighter with a fuss-free approach.

One Swedish custom to adopt here in the UK to help you be more lagom is to make your home a shoe-free zone. Not only will this help keep your entrance and hallway cleaner, but clutter-free too, because, let’s face it, we all have a dumping ground for coats, shoes, umbrellas, handbags… and so on.

You could also adopt the Swedish way of dressing a bed. Instead of having one duvet on a double bed frame and mattress, they’ll have two smaller ones. That means, if you share the bed, you each have your own quilt and there will be no more fighting over who steals it during the night. See - balance!

If one of you gets hotter at night than the other, you could even have duvets of different togs to ensure everyone gets a better night’s sleep.


How Can Happy Beds Help You Embrace Lagom Interior Design?

Well, with the idea of not too much, not too little, you may like to invest in a new double bed frame – it’s big enough to share or spread out alone, but not as spacious as some of our bigger beds like a super king.

With their clean lines and light wooden legs, I think our Quebec grey fabric bed and Astrid bed would merge effortlessly with this décor theme. Alternatively, for something a little more rustic with added storage, check out our Stockwell oak wooden storage bed – this fits perfectly with the lagom ethos for functionality.

Besides beds, we have a number of other furniture pieces that fit the lagom home design trend. The Alicia white and oak furniture collection being the main one, with its smooth lines and durable build, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice.

Browse our site to see if you can spot lagom-like items!


What’re the Latest Interior Design Trends?

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