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LED Beds to Built in TVs, Check Out These Cool Bed Features

LED Beds to Built in TVs, Check Out These Cool Bed Features

Have you ever looked at your bed and wished it was a little more… fun? Or maybe you long for integrated storage options to free your bedroom of clutter? From LEDs to storage shelves to TVs, let’s take a look at some of our favourite features that have made their way into beds!

Integrated Entertainment System Complete with USB Ports

We’d bet most of you have your very own TV in your bedrooms. Watching TV in bed is one of life’s more simple luxuries, after all. But what if your TV could be integrated into your bed? Well, that’s exactly what TV beds offer. Boasting so many features it’s almost impossible to list right here, a bed with built in TV is an incredible investment that will undoubtedly leave you unable to return to traditional beds!

Typical features you can expect from a TV bed include a space to store your TV (that descends and ascends via remote control), surround sound systems, ports for your headphones or mobile device and in some cases, even Bluetooth connectivity.

As if that wasn’t enough, TV beds often include storage features, resulting in an exceptionally clean and organised bedroom that’s free of wires, clutter and even the black mirror also known as your TV - when it’s descended into the bed frame of course.

Keep Organised with Storage Beds

Let’s take a break from the hi tech beds for a second and instead look at the wonderful world of storage beds. Booming in popularity, storage beds offer an extra level of convenience that encourages a tidy, uncluttered bedroom.

From drawers to shelves to piston-powered ottoman bases, beds with storage are every bit as useful as they sound. If you’ve ever been on a spending spree and come home with too many clothes to house in your wardrobe, storage beds are lifesavers.

For the little ones, gone are the days of messy bedrooms when you choose a storage bed. Shelves, drawers, even under bed trundles for those unexpected sleepovers, you can find storage features in single beds, bunk beds, even gaming beds.

Wait, what’s a gaming bed?! Well, I’m glad you asked...

Say Goodbye to Bedside Lamps with Built In LED Lights

If you’ve got yourself a gamer at home, chances are they’ve probably asked for some LEDs or a place to store their console or PC. Why not combine all of these snazzy features and more into a bed frame? That’s exactly what beds like the Urban PC Gaming High Sleeper have to offer!

A bed with LED lights looks every bit as awesome as it sounds. More energy-efficient and eco-friendly than your standard bulb, they provide the perfect accent colour whilst ensuring your child can easily see their keyboard without the screen glare. Not to mention the LEDs are often controllable via remote control, so they can choose a colour to suit their taste and complete the look.

Some gaming-oriented beds also offer storage shelves and even charging ports or wireless chargers. A truly modern luxury, gaming beds possess absolutely everything your little gamer needs to score that last-minute winner or defeat that final boss.

What Would You Like to See In a Bed?

We don’t know exactly who’s genius idea it was to start making beds into much more than just a place to get some shut-eye but we’re all for it. As technology progresses, we can only imagine the incredible tech that could find its way into a bed frame sooner or later.

With so many options available, we’d love to know what you’d like to see in a bed. Be sure to let us know your ideas, no matter how outlandish, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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