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Meet March’s Stylist: Dee Campling

Meet March’s Stylist: Dee Campling

With over thirty thousand followers who are looking for interior inspiration, it’s fair to say that Dee Campling’s style has hit a chord with homeowners.

Here we take a look at what inspires her, what turns her away and how her interior design foresight came to fruition.

1. How would you describe your interior style?

I like to think that my interior design style is very calm, timeless and neutral with plenty of natural textures alongside a dash of colourful quirkiness of course.

2. Light or dark shades?

While I do like some dark shades as they can provide an excellent backdrop for showing off art and objet d’art, my heart does belong to the lighter pallet.

Our poor UK light and weather means that we need to keep our interiors as light and airy as possible.

3. Which interior trend makes you shudder?

I’m not a fan of matching interior schemes, and I’m also not a huge fan of chintz. In saying this however, I would say it’s pretty difficult to go wrong so long as you can stretch your creativity.

4. Modern or vintage?

I love mixing modern and vintage styles together! However, I particularly enjoy a sprinkle of vintage for the patina as character and story seems to follows each vintage item.

5. Who were your design and fashion inspirations growing up?

I’ve always admired Terence Conran’s ‘well considered’ philosophy, and Cath Kidston’s thrifty and upcycling mantra is also something I like to live by.

6. Which people and websites do you get your inspiration from today?

I get a lot of inspiration from online platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram as both sites are awash with ideas and styles that haven’t reached the interior design magazines yet.

In particular, I love Anthropology for the ever-changing design of their stores, as well as Abigail Ahern for amazing layering of textiles.

Also Ochre for always being ten years ahead of the trends. I’m also a huge fan of Farrow and Ball for their incredible use of beautifully multi-toned paint.

7. What’s your finest interior achievement?

I’m particularly fortunate in that I’ve loved all of the interiors I’ve done, including the marquee styling which was a great experience. My most recent achievement, and something I’m particularly proud of, is the ‘Styling Your Home – 4 Rules to No Rules Interior Cool’ workshop that I’ve recently begun.

People of all ages and experience can come along and learn more about their own personal style and how to imprint it on to their own home.

8. What trends do you see getting big in 2017?

I think distressed walls and mirrors will become huge as the year progresses. I also believe that think pink will take hold, as it is very easy to mix it into the grey schemes that have become popular over the last couple of years.

Finally, Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 will continue to grow the trend for foliage in the home in the form of real and faux plants.

And those are Dee Campling’s thoughts on anything and everything interior design! A big thank you to Dee for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat and share her interior insights with us.

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