Modern life has become an exhaustingly hectic rat race that leaves you wondering “how can I relax?” on an almost minute by minute basis. Thankfully, fitness, food and lifestyle guru Sian Melissa has some advice on how to find some time to recharge when it feels like you have no time at all.

1. With modern life getting busier and busier, how would you advise people to make time for themselves?

“If your weeks are jam-packed and you’re always running out of time, I find that scheduling in specific hours or days for ‘me time’ is extremely helpful.

Factoring in an hour on a Tuesday evening for a friendly catch up, or ditching your Sunday TV binge for your favourite hobby can really make a difference.

There’s always time to fit in the things you love, it’s just about organising your schedule in order to accommodate them.”

2. How do you find time to unwind? Is there anything in particular you do to relax your mind?

“I love to get outside! I live in the countryside and love going on long walks, trips to cafe’s, or even a pub stop on the way home.

I turn off my phone and fully embrace the beautifully quiet and serene environment. Since I work in the city all week, switching off from my usually hectic lifestyle is important if I want to relax.”

3. As a fan of fitness, how important is sleep in terms of recovery?

“Sleep is hugely important! It’s the first thing everyone needs to get right before they focus on any other aspect of health or fitness.

If you’re sleeping badly, you’re more likely to make poor food choices, you won’t be as active as you could be, and you’ll generally feel rubbish.

As a starting block, work out how many hours of sleep you need to function (my minimum is 7 hours), and make a point of getting around this amount on a consistent basis.

I find that investing in a comfortable mattress has been key to my quality of sleep, alongside my Lumie nightlife which wakes you up with sunlight.

Small additions like this can significantly improve your bedtime routine.”

4. Ensuring that you keep consistently healthy can be difficult for some. Do you have any tips that help you keep focused on your overall wellbeing?

“There are three things that I focus on every day in order to achieve a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

For starters, a good night’s sleep is essential. Secondly, I aim to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day, and finally a balanced diet.

I don’t cut out all treats, but compromise is key. Eat what you love but also make room for the good stuff. Your diet should be full of nutritiously rich food such as vegetables, fruits and lean meats.”


5. What are your favourite evening snacks?

“I love ending my day with a big bowl of Greek-style yoghurt. My personal favourite is Skyr since it’s high in protein and goes nicely with fresh fruit and a sprinkling of muesli.

Of course, some days I choose ice cream and chocolate instead, and that’s okay too!”

6. Do you think what we eat has a direct impact on our lives?

“100% yes! What we eat affects how we feel, how we look and how we perform.

I notice a huge difference in myself when I haven’t been eating well, and certainly feel at my best when I’ve been eating a nutritionally rich diet.”


7. Would you call yourself an early bird or a night owl? How does it fit with your overall lifestyle?

“I’m definitely an early bird as this fits with my lifestyle. I enjoy exercising in the early morning, with my alarm sounding at 5:10am and my hour long gym session beginning at 5:45. This gives me plenty of time to then shake off the sweat and head to work for 9am.

I enjoy doing other things in the evening and my motivation to exercise always diminishes after 5pm, so getting up early to get it done definitely works for me!”

8. Many people struggle to understand the benefits of looking after themselves first. What advice would you offer?

“If you aren’t looking after yourself, it’s only a matter of time before everything gets too much and you find yourself unable to cope with your current lifestyle.

Yes work is important but how can we perform at our best if we aren’t feeling good? Life is short and there’s no time to be wasted in being unhappy or working yourself into the ground.

At the end of the day, our health is one of the most important things we have, and without it we wouldn’t be here.”


A big thank you to our featured blogger Sian Melissa for taking the time to talk to us! Let’s hope that with some expert advice, you can take a moment to focus on you, and build time for rest and relaxation into your day.


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