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Meet the Doctor: Sleep Advice from Dr. Steven Y. Park

Meet the Doctor: Sleep Advice from Dr. Steven Y. Park

So many of us don’t realise the full impact of poor quality sleep.

Dr. Steven Y. Park author of 'Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired', recently sat down with us to talk through exactly how our busy modern lives can benefit from adequate rest, and exactly why we need it.

1. How strong would you describe the link between sleep and productivity?

Very strong. It’s not just about 8 hours of sleep, but 8 hours of quality sleep. There are countless studies that show the benefits of adequate sleep with academic and sports performance.

For example, Stanford University tennis players performed significantly better after getting extra hours of sleep, and a study also showed that golfers with untreated sleep apnea saw a dip in performance.

A lack of sleep affects musicality too, as a similar study which examined violinists becoming experts in their field over approximately 10,000 hours, found that getting enough sleep was directly linked to success as a musician.

2. What effect does a lack of sleep have on a person’s overall wellbeing?

Everything. There are numerous studies that show an unquestionable link between poor sleeping habits, or no sleep at all, with almost every health condition, whether that be physical, emotional or mental.

3. Does a lack of sleep have a negative impact on recovery time?

Proper healing and restoration needs good quality sleep in order to take place. Both mind and body need sleep in order to fully focus on healing. If you’re not rested, both body and mind are too focused on your fatigue to dedicate itself to recovery.


4. What type of bed or mattress would aid those who struggle to sleep?

Ultimately, the best mattress is one that can keep your breathing passageways open. Many people can’t sleep on their backs and turn to their side or stomach instead. In this case, having a mattress that’s conducive to your preferred sleeping position is critical.

A good pillow that accommodates your sleeping position is also important, as it will keep your neck extended (bent slightly back), and is also more conducive to good breathing.

5. Can yoga or meditation have a positive effect on poor sleep quality?

Yes, it can relax the mind and body before bed, and also alleviate any stress related issues that may be causing your mind difficult in reaching REM.

However, if you’re not addressing your original sleep problems, then yoga and meditation will only mask your problems, and so it’s vital that you target your symptoms alongside the relaxation exercises.


Struggling with Sleep?

If you’re struggling to sleep at night and are looking for the right mattress to support your needs, we have a variety of options available just for you.

To us, there’s nothing more important that ensuring that your sleeping needs are taken care of. So, why not explore our range of mattresses to find the one that lines up with what you need for a restful night.

Modern life just continues to get more and more hectic, but if there’s one thing that Dr. Steven Park has taught you, it should be to prioritise your sleep.

I hope this has enlightened you as to exactly why high quality sleep is key to a productive life. However, if you need a little bit more information, take a look at a few of my blogs below.

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