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Meet the Stylist: Lisa Dawson Discusses Interior Design

Meet the Stylist: Lisa Dawson Discusses Interior Design

For this month’s installment of ‘Meet the Stylist’ we have a Q&A with British interior designer Lisa Dawson.

After taking the plunge and making the move away from the family home and her brood in Berkshire, Dawson, Lisa settled down in a beautiful Georgian house that became her passion project.

Finding that her keen eye for charity store bargains was getting her noticed by those who wished to share her style, Lisa decided to start her own blog in response to the increasing amounts of interest.

Today she has her own popular blog and also co presents an interior design workshop entitled ‘Styling Your Home: Four Steps to No Rules Interior Design’.

Amongst her hectic schedule, Lisa kindly sat down with us to discuss what exactly ticks her boxes in terms of everything interior design.


1. How would you describe your interior style?

Personally, I’m very passionate about all things vintage and upcycling. I adore using as much colour as I can and so I would probably describe my style as more modern eclectic. I love the relaxed, bohemian textured style of decorating that’s popular in the USA.


2. Light or dark shades?


I included both of these shades in my home. In my dining room, I have Farrow & Ball Downpipe on all four walls which gives off a cosy, welcoming feeling and matches perfectly with candles and low lighting.

I also have the same colour in my h

allway, but with just an added interest of colour pop wallpaper towards the end (Cole & Son Deco Palm in pink).

The contrast between both shades is fabulous and in my living areas I tend to veer more toward lighter shades such as Strong White and Pavilion Grey which work as an excellent backdrop to the accessories I have around my home.

3. Which interior trend makes you shudder?

To be honest, the industrial trend is one that I’ve never really bought into, although in saying that I am always amazed by the creativity of those who do choose to include it in their homes.

My preference has always been softer lines and lighting as I’m a huge fan of textures, colour and boho décor so the bare bulb look doesn’t really gel with my space.


4. Modern or vintage?

Vintage every time! I do have some modern pieces of furniture which accessorise my home but they tend to be sleek, utilitarian and not too intrusive. I am obsessed with recycling and upcycling furniture and am constantly scouring through charity shops and furniture warehouses for new pieces to work on! I specifically adore vintage glassware and have a huge collection that I use for both usage and display.


5. Who were your design and fashion inspirations growing up?

For me as a child, I found that you were either team Morrissey with his dark, melancholy style or team Wham! And filled with colour popping enthusiasm. I was most definitely in the Wham! camp and it’s proven to be a persistent theme throughout my life! I love colour, bright spaces and fun décor.


6. Which people and websites do you get your inspiration from today?

There are some seriously inspirational people on Instagram so it’s really hard to choose! I’d have to say Liz Kamarul and Jennifer Harrison of Fleamarket Fab as both have an amazing boho thrift style which I love.


I also get a lot of inspiration from Apartment Therapy which is the biggest interior design blog in the USA and is completely in sync with my style.

However my all-time hero would have to be Jonathan Adler, he was who designed and refit the reception area of the Palm Springs Hotel which has to up there as my favourite room.




7. What’s your finest interior achievement?

My kitchen is my favourite room and easily my biggest achievement thus far. I revamped it on a really tight budget and when we moved into the new home it had only just been fitted by the previous owners.

I couldn’t afford to begin extensive refurbishments and so I painted the units and put up oak shelves, changed the lighting and added a huge rug that I bought from eBay. It completely transformed the space and made it my own.



8. What trends do you see getting bin in 2017?

I think that natural tones and textures will be an integral part of our décor in 2017. Layered rugs, mixed fabrics and natural materials such leather (both faux and real) are everywhere at the moment.

Judging from my Instagram feed, navy is also becoming the preferred alternative to black when it comes to updating your space.

Lisa’s eclectic sense of style has made waves in the interior design industry and she continues on her mission to promote composing the perfect home on a budget. If you’d like to take a look at what she does and how she does it, you can do so here.

Hopefully her style tips can help you in venturing out of your comfort zone and trying something new with your interior. So whether it's leather beds, a black metal bed frame or even some faux fur, the sky's the limit!


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