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Meet the Stylist: Pati Robins Answers Our Interiors Questions

Meet the Stylist: Pati Robins Answers Our Interiors Questions

This year we’ll be speaking to incredible interior designers from across the globe as part of a new feature called Meet the Stylist. This month we speak to photo-loving Pati Robins.

After receiving her first camera aged 11, Pati has now developed into a fully-fledged photographer and interior designer who aims to capture character through her lens for more than 6,000 Instagram followers.

I had a chat about what inspires her, what her predictions are for the upcoming twelve months and what she loves about interior design.


How would you describe your interior design style?


“In one word – maximalist, or as my husband puts it ‘in your face’. We love to display the things that have most meaning to us, and really put a stamp on our home. It’s very dark, eclectic, think rock and roll glam.”


Which interior design trend makes you shudder?

“Since I’m not the biggest fan of lace and heavily distressed furniture, I would have to say shabby chic.”


Modern or vintage?

“I would have to say a mix of both!”


Light or dark shades?


“I’m definitely drawn to darker shades, they’re the perfect backdrop to the items I want on display. Plus if your home is on the smaller side like mine, then darker shades make the space seem cosy and intimate”.


Who were your design and fashion inspirations growing up?

“Fashion designer Helmut Lang is a real inspiration of mine especially as I was growing up. In terms of interior design inspirations, I would have to say Phillip Starck.”


Which people and websites do you get your inspiration from today?

“I follow quite a few actually, I would have to say Abigail Ahern is a big inspiration to my current style, alongside this I love Rocket st. George and Nickiekellydot.com; they all continually inspire me and my interior design style."



What’s your finest interior design achievement?

“Professionally, it definitely has to be having our home featured in the Turkish ‘All Décor Magazine’. A more personal achievement has to be redesigning our home from scratch by ourselves.”


What trends do you see getting big in 2017?

“Boho is definitely making a comeback this year and rightly so. It’s full of patterns, textures and beautifully natural elements. A touch of boho mixes well my, and any interior style.”


Feeling Inspired?

A big thank you to Pati for being this month’s stylist under the spotlight. If you’d like to take a closer look at her interior designs, you can do so here.

Hopefully such interior inspirations will lead to your own re-design! So, whether it's embracing Pati's style with a black double bed, or even striking out on your own, make sure to make the most of that inspiration.

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