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Why Monochromatic Interior Design is the Next Big Trend

Why Monochromatic Interior Design is the Next Big Trend

Want to add a style statement to your home, but not the best at colour matching? Well, there’s no need to start googling colour wheels; instead, consider monochromatic interior design.

We’ve been chatting to Jo Hughes at Cloud Nine Interiors about how to introduce this décor theme into your home. It’s easier than you may think!


Why We Love Monochrome Bedrooms

  • Classic
  • Clean
  • Bold
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gender-neutral


Black and white bedrooms are classic, clean and easy to decorate, which make them a great all-rounder in our eyes. I love this simple two-tone scheme as it allows you to go wild with fabrics and patterns, whilst still maintaining a cohesive theme throughout the room.

Most people will opt for white being the dominant shade with hints of black and maybe one accent colour. This ensures the room stays bright and airy, and paint can easily be touched up if the walls are scuffed or start to look grubby.

Making black the dominant colour takes more courage, but certainly provides a more dramatic effect. I adore an oversized black headboard against a dark wall. There’s something just so cosy about it.

Whichever you choose, light or dark, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with a white and black bedroom.


Monochrome Nursery Inspiration

I love the idea of a monochromatic black and white nursery as it’s completely gender-neutral – perfect if you’re not sure whether you’re having a little boy or girl, or if you have two children sharing. Interiors buff Jo agrees, telling us that ‘a timeless black and white decor scheme is always popular as it suits all ages and has both masculine and feminine appeal.’

White wooden cots are the most common, but it’s easy to add hints of black using storage, decorating accessories and soft furnishings. I love using block, black frames to display whimsical prints and why not add a mural to the wall such as clouds or a mountain range to add a little interest? Or a sheep mobile, so your little one can look up and ‘count sheep’ until they fall asleep?

Read more: How to Decorate a Gender Neutral Nursery


Monochrome Children’s Bedroom Inspiration

When you think of a child’s bedroom, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Bright colours? Their favourite characters maybe? Well, if you’re looking for a practical alternative to all the garish colour and a design that will stand the test of time, I recommend you look no further than these black and white bedroom ideas.

Grown-up and stylish, but with all the soft toys, wall art and patterned bedspreads you’d come to expect, this colour scheme offers a toned-down space which not only looks great but is calming at bedtime.

If you’re unsure which items to place in which colour, a simple rule of thumb is to make everything with a hard edge – flooring, lighting, shelves, etc. - black and anything soft – cushions, bedding, etc. white.

Check out how our customer Kerrie at My Sparkly Grey Home has used black to frame items against an airy white background.


Monochrome Master Bedroom Inspiration

Monochrome bedding and black and white bedroom furniture aren’t just for kids. These two-tones can be extremely chic for adults too.

Don’t just take our words for it. Take a look at the below images taken by our customers.

We love what Rebekah Gowler (and her cute son Kai) has done here with the bold, patterned cushions and simple background, whereas John and Katelan at Home of Melchicos combine contrasting patterns and darker hues for a bolder statement.


If you’d prefer a white bed, it’ll look just as great as the black and grey ones pictured here – especially if you have darker walls.

Jo is particularly fond of using monochrome touches in her colourful home. She told us:

‘By introducing an accent colour in soft furnishings and accessories, either soft pastels or bright bolds, you can really add depth and prevent the monochrome theme from looking too ‘flat’.

‘A fiery burnt orange (like the book pictured) looks amazing with a black and white palette and adds a touch of energy. Alternatively, adding hints of soft blush pink can bring about a sense of calm and tranquillity.

‘Playing with pattern and texture using throws, rugs and textile art can really enhance the overall look and feel and adds a point of interest.

‘Also, monochromatic bedrooms can be softened by using varying tones of black too. Try layering over the top of crisp white bed linen with a charcoal, textured throw and a few patterned scatter cushions.

‘Lastly, greenery also looks great against a monochrome backdrop so, if you can, do introduce a few faux houseplants into the room.’

Check out the below images to see how Jo uses monochrome touches in her bold, designer home.


It’s All in Black and White

Whether you like the look of white or black bedroom furniture, we’ve got you covered here at Happy Beds. Browse our range of black and white beds, and matching furniture sets today, and don’t forget to send us your photos of your monochromatic makeovers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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