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My Christmas Morning: UK Mums Share Their Routine

My Christmas Morning: UK Mums Share Their Routine

Here at Happy Beds we love the festive period; no matter how you celebrate this time of year we all love to be together. We wanted to hear how everyone else gets into the spirit, so we sat down with a cup of warm hot chocolate with mums across the UK to discuss how we each enjoy the festive period and how our Christmas morning routines differ.


How Do UK Mummy Bloggers Spend Christmas Day?

Emily, the blogger behind Twin Mummy and Daddy, told us:

“I have six-year-old twin girls and without a doubt they will both be wide awake somewhere around 6am! Last year, was actually quite funny, as we caught one of our girls on the home security camera sneaking into our living room at 5am to see if Santa had been! (We’re hoping this doesn’t happen again this year!)

“The first thing we usually do when the girls wake on Christmas day is go into their bedroom and they’ll empty the contents of their stockings, before heading into the living room to see if Santa has been and left anything.

“Naturally, our girls are very excitable so there’s no holding them back when it comes to opening their presents! Once they’ve opened them, we’ll then have breakfast in amongst the torn up wrapping paper and discarded toy packaging!

“Whilst our girls explore their new gifts, my husband and I will start prepping Christmas dinner. My husband’s children (all grown up now) will pop in at some point in the day to see us, and my husband will pick his mum up and bring her to ours for Christmas dinner. We’ll then usually spend the rest of the day playing with the girls’ new presents and enjoying far too much food!”


Sarah from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too, stated:

“Christmas Day is all about spending time with the children. Thankfully they don't wake too early, so we usually start the day around 7am with us gathering in the lounge for a hug and a cheer of Merry Christmas.

“The presents are opened next, each taking it in turns to open one so that we can all see what they have received. After the gifts are opened and the wrapping tidied away it's time for a full English breakfast and the turkey is put in the oven.

“The rest of the day is a mixture of playing with new toys, watching Christmas movies and TV episodes, whilst we wait for a late Christmas dinner around 4pm.”



Clare, the blogger behind Emmy’s Mummy, said:

“The kids generally wake up around 7.30am, although, it has been known to be anywhere from 5am. They open the stockings left on their beds by Santa... In a bid to hopefully gain us an extra half an hour in bed. Then it's downstairs for Xmas presents in the front room.

“Breakfast is when the excitement levels have lowered a little or the kids are hungry. Then it's usually off to one set of grandparents’ house late morning for a few hours. Lastly, we’re either off to the other set or back home for dinner where the parents join us from around 2pm until evening time.”


Joy Jackson from Pink Oddy:

“We usually wake up too early, open the presents and eat chocolate. Next, we have a fry up breakfast before going off and playing - snacking on party food all day.

“This year we plan to be more of a family - playing board games and watching films. We have done a secret Santa for our family gifts and are off to do Parkrun.”



Carolin Mader from Mummy Alarm told us:

“As I'm German, all the magic happens on 24th December in our house. Christmas Day is all about spending quality-time with the family, playing with the toys Santa brought and a delicious second Christmas dinner at my Nan's house. I know, how lucky are we?

“German Christmas dinner is quite different from a traditional British roast, though. We usually have roast duck, braised red cabbage, potato dumplings and the best gravy in the whole wide world.”



Lastly, Sabina Green from Mummy Matters said:

“Our Christmas morning usually starts anywhere between 6 and 7.30 depending on when the children wake. (Much more sociable than the 4am days of me and my cousins!)

“We head downstairs and let the children open their stocking presents whilst the adults make coffee and then it's straight onto the main event. I love to watch the children open their Santa presents first and then when they are happily playing with their presents the adults Boxing Day.

“We always have Christmas music playing, the mulled wine warming on the hob and mince pies in the oven. Christmas morning always feels magical, just the way it should.”



What Does a Happy Beds Christmas Look Like?

6:00am - Rise and Shine!

It is around this time that we lift our sleepy heads from the pillow and begin our busy day. After a cosy Christmas Eve night filled with festive preparation, we are normally awoken by excited little voices.

We open our eyes to filled stockings, which we open in our pyjamas from the comfort of our own beds to begin the festivities. Enjoy the relaxation because it’s all crazy Christmas fun from here.


7:00am - You’ll Need the Energy

We need all the energy we can get for the big day ahead, so it’s time for a small breakfast; we don’t want to over-do it and spoil Christmas dinner!

After breakfast, it’s time to get clean and into your best Christmas outfit featuring colourful Christmas jumpers and sparkling sequin dresses. It’s a unique kind of style that really should be more acceptable throughout the year!


9:00am - Organised Chaos


Once everyone is fed, clean and dressed it’s time for the main event. The children’s faces light up in delight as they see a colourful array of gifts beneath the tree; he came, he came, he came! Just about reaching their tolerance of temptation, the children dive into the carefully wrapped presents in an organised chaos.

Video cameras are out, Christmas music is on and the festivities are in full swing! Some people like to open presents in an order one-by-one, whereas others enjoy the chaotic scenes of diving right in.


10:00am - Make Way, Make Way!

Wrapping paper upon ribbons, the floor is now a sea of ripped up festive decoration. The children are settled with gleaming smiles playing with their new shiny toys, serving as the perfect opportunity to clean up the mess and make way for more festive fun.

Remember, Christmas day is a day for chaotic madness – you could tidy all day and you’ll never achieve a pristine living room!


10:30am - The Labour Begins

Depending on how prepared we are, the making of Christmas dinner can go one of two ways: a smooth procedure, or a series of complete disasters. The pressure’s on as the rumbling of stomachs start to rival the Christmas tunes and the adults who’ve been drinking a little too much are beginning to get crave pigs in blankets! And, so it begins; time to begin the cooking of the dinner.

The more organised of us make preparations the night before (cutting vegetables, preparing potatoes, etc.) however, the majority just wing it and see how it goes. There are so many elements of making a Christmas dinner perfect, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task. In the midst of stress and pressure just remember, you’re not alone.


11:00am - “What Did You Get?”

Everyone is playing with their toys, Christmas movies are on the TV, and festive tunes blaring from the kitchen: this is what Christmas is all about. Mountains of chocolates, socks and toys fill the living room as children sit smugly with their new toys. This is the peak of festive excitement as we celebrate our presents, give thanks to our loved ones and wait eagerly for a huge banquet of Christmas food.


12:00am - We’ve Waited All Year for This…


For most of us, providing by miracle that everything went to plan, dinner is served at around 12pm. Turkey cooked either juicy or dry but never to perfection, crispy roast potatoes smothered in gravy and of course everybody’s favourite pigs in blankets - it’s time for the adult’s most exciting part of the day. Share the love, pull your crackers and tuck in!


1:00pm - You’ve Got to Love Family Time

Now tummies are full, and spirits are high (sometimes a little too high if anyone’s enjoyed a morning tipple), festive games and family traditions can commence. Every member of the family is bursting at the seams with turkey and welcomes a relaxing afternoon, a perfect time for family fun.

Charades, Snap and ‘Who am I?’ are exhausted of all rounds and laughter fills the air. Christmas is all about these moments of spending it with your nearest and dearest; it’s moments like these that make all the preparation worthwhile.


3:00pm - Nearest and Dearest


Once the food has settled in our stomachs and we’ve rallied up enough energy to put on our shoes and leave the house, it’s time to visit some of our closest friends and family to share gifts and enjoy festivities. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without essential visits to our loved ones.

Many of us make traditional trips to other family members – an opportunity to pick at leftover food and steal their chocolate.


5:00pm - There’s No Place like Home…

After sharing festive moments with our closest friends and family, pulled a lot of crackers and been offered chocolate treats in excess, it’s time to settle down at home as the day draws to a close. This is the perfect opportunity to exercise your new cosy pyjamas and put your feet up with a hot chocolate (or wine).
It’s now time to flick through the channels to be greeted by endless Christmas classics, the EastEnders Christmas Special and the bemusing Christmas shopping adverts; isn’t Christmas TV the most exciting of the year?


6:00pm - The Last Leg

Still full from the extravagant Christmas dinner, we feed on buffet food and leftover turkey sandwiches. There’s chocolate and desserts in excess, and more than enough Brussel sprouts still sitting lonely in the kitchen.

It’s been a long day and, although the build-up is stressful, it was all worth it to spend valuable time with our families.


Love it or hate it, Christmas brings people together and a hectic build-up and excessive preparation only results in a perfectly imperfect day to remember. Time to relax with tired eyes from a long day and prepare for the Boxing Day madness…



When Do You Open Christmas Presents?

As different as our families may be, we all spend our Christmas in very similar ways. We eat the same food, share gifts with one another, and most importantly spend time with the loved ones in our lives.

A fantastic day comes with great preparation, and now that the festive season is fast approaching it’s time to get ready! What is your Christmas morning routine? Are you traditional at heart or have you decided to mix things up this year? Let us know let us know on Twitter, share it with us on Facebook and tag us on Instagram!

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