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New Bedroom Checklist: Everything You Need for Your New Space

New Bedroom Checklist: Everything You Need for Your New Space

Even though you’ve been dreaming of your new home or space, the stress of decorating it can sometimes get in the way. Where does the bedside table go? Do you have enough blankets? How many pillows are “too many” pillows?

Happy Beds understands it’s easy to get stressed, hence why we’ve created a new bedroom checklist. Below, we list the most important items you need in your new bedroom, as well as some handy tips to make the most of your new space.


Remember Your Blankets and Sheets

Blanket And Pillow On Brown Bed

Speaking from experience, the most essential stuff is the easiest to forget. However, when it comes to blankets and sheets, it’s best to buy a new batch – nobody wants to use their old sheets when updating their space.

Treat yourself to some new sheets that match your room. Personally, I like it when fresh sheets provide an eye-catching contrast to the headboard.


A Suitable Bedside Table

White Bedside Table

Top of your bedroom items checklist should be an appropriate, sleek bedside table. Happy Beds stocks a wide range of bedside tables that will suit your new space.

If you’re unsure of what bedside table to get, I’d recommend our dependable Santiago Pine 3-Drawer Bedside Table for both its space and adaptability. Alternatively, our Solar Joybox range is perfect for those with a distinctly modern new space.


A Wardrobe (That Fits)

Golden Wardrobe

If you’re downsizing or moving to a larger space, then you need a wardrobe that fits both literally and stylistically.

Personally, I feel a new space provides ample opportunity to update all of your bedroom furnishings. A new wardrobe could be the final piece that makes your space your own, plus Happy Beds has a full range of wardrobes with sizes ranging from single to four door.


A Full-Size Mirror

White Themed Bedroom

A mirror is perfect for making smaller spaces feel bigger, and for checking out your on-point outfits!

Why not kill two birds with one stone by opting for one of our mirrored wardrobes? These double up as both a spacious wardrobe and a full-body mirror, with sizes ranging from one door to three door.


Mattress Toppers

White Mattress And Bed Sheets

You’re going to be in your new space for a while, so investing in a mattress topper is a good way to maintain the state of your mattress. These sit underneath or on top of your mattress to protect it, but it also improves comfort as an added bonus!

Happy Beds has a range of memory foam mattress toppers to keep your mattress pristine and to make your new space as comfortable as possible.


A Place to Sit

Brown Chair

A place to sit may not be at the top of your bedroom things list, but having a place to relax has many added bonuses. Having a cosy chair or a sleek sofa can finish off your boudoir, especially if it matches, plus it provides a handy place to rest while you put your socks and shoes on.

Our sofa and seating range can be used outside the bedroom, ideal for mid-afternoon naps and lazing about on a Sunday.


A Fresh Mattress

White Themed Bedroom

A new space isn’t complete without a new mattress. Even if your room looks amazing, if you can’t catch any winks in it, then what’s the point?

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Happy Beds is known for its hallmark of quality when it comes to mattresses. I’d recommend trying out a pillow top mattress if you haven’t already.

Our full range of mattresses suits every bed from small single to super king size, so you can’t go wrong with any mattress from Happy Beds.


Oh…and Don’t Forget a Bed!

Green Bedroom

The bed is, as the name suggests, the most essential part of a bedroom. Finding the bed for you is perhaps the hardest part of designing a new space, so if you’re still struggling to find one, then check out our full range at Happy Beds.

We’re called Happy Beds for a reason – our reputation of providing high-quality beds for everyone has been well-earned, so check out our full range of beds to find the bed to top-off your new space.

If you have a new bedroom space decked out with Happy Beds furniture you want to show off, we’d love to see it! Reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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