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Natural And Organic Mattresses: Let’s Address Your Chemical Fears

Natural And Organic Mattresses: Let’s Address Your Chemical Fears

If you have a strong eco-conscience, or simply endeavour to keep your kids away from as many toxins as possible, you may find yourself browsing the net for an organic twin mattress or even a non-toxic mattress. But, what really is the difference between an organic, natural, and non-toxic mattress, and which bed is best for you?

Here we’ll outline the main differences and help you find a healthy mattress that suits you.


What’s the Difference Between ‘Organic’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Non-Toxic’ Mattresses?


Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses are constructed using materials including, but not limited to, cashmere and organic cotton, which are completely natural fabrics that contain no chemicals. To be a non-toxic, organic mattress, the mattresses should not be sprayed with fire-retardant chemicals.

However, it’s easy to get confused when manufacturers start talking about what’s ‘organic’ and what’s not. Very few mattresses are 100% organic, though many manufacturers advertise mattresses utilising an abundance of natural fillings as an organic mattress, even when these mattresses contain or make use of man-made materials.

It’s always important to read the fine print, as your ‘organic’ mattress may simply contain natural fillings.


Why Go Organic?

Mattresses need to be flameproof and this means that they either need to be treated with flame retardant chemicals or be entirely made of naturally fire-resistant materials.

An example of why some sleepers may wish to ‘go organic’ is because the American Consumer Reports organisation has suggested that these chemicals could be an irritant for some people, especially those who suffer from respiratory problems. Therefore, some people concerned about the use of chemicals in mattresses are opting to buy expensive organic mattresses.

Whilst there is no firm scientific evidence to support this view, some consumers are looking for alternatives.

The cotton used in organic mattresses is heat absorbent, which means it can help you feel cool on hot days. Organic mattresses are also extremely comfortable to sleep on, providing comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. Better yet, many of these organic mattresses are made with sustainability in mind, making them a little more eco-conscious.


Mattresses with Natural Fillings

As aforementioned, natural mattresses differ from organic ones as these may still contain some man-made elements.

For example, here at Happy Beds, we offer a wide range of affordable natural mattresses that are kind to the environment; without compromising on comfort. However, we would not classify them as truly organic, as they have been treated with some fire retardants to meet the exceptionally high standards of the British Standards (specifically BS 7177: 2008 + A1: 2011 Low Hazard Domestic Use) and, of course, to ensure the safety of our customers.

From mattresses infused with milk protein to mattresses made with bamboo fibre, silk, and cashmere, the options are abundant when you shop online with us.


Why Go Natural?

The reasons to choose a natural mattress as opposed to more synthetic options are almost endless, as most make good use of the likes of cotton, cashmere, and wool. These natural fillings are arguably much more comfortable than man-made alternatives, yet even with this in mind they are still easily affordable and available in a myriad of different forms; each one more lovely than the last.

Did you know sleeping with natural bedding could also help you sleep better at night? Check out this post: How Going Green with Natural Bedding Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

Though these natural mattresses may not be entirely organic, they are much more budget friendly than those that claim to be 100% organic. In comparison to synthetic, man-made mattresses these natural mattresses are much more accommodating and are designed to last.


Ethically Dispose of Your Old Mattress

If you're looking to buy a new natural mattress, then you'll likely have to get rid of an old one. Doing this can sometimes be tricky, which is why some people turn to fly-tipping. However, with our help, it is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Enter your postcode into our mattress recycling tool to discover how much your local authority will charge to collect and recycle your mattress, and whether Happy Beds' collection service is available in your area.

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