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The History of Memory Foam: How NASA Inadvertently Gave the World a Better Night’s Sleep

By Tom Simpkins on April 27, 2018

Space - the final frontier. It is the realm that man has longed to explore since he first looked up...

How to Decorate a Gender Neutral Nursery

By Joy Richards on April 25, 2018

Congratulations on your soon new arrival! Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life. However...

Introducing an Innovation in Eco-Friendly Design: The Room in a Box Bed

By Joy Richards on April 20, 2018

We’ve got something exciting to tell you: we’ve joined forces with German-based Room in a Box to become the UK’s...

Once Upon a Mattress: How Beds Appear in Fairy Tales

By Tom Simpkins on April 19, 2018

Fairy tales are, more often than not, the first kind of stories we hear in our lives. Simple tales that...

Mattresses for Athletes: Discover 5 of the Best Mattresses for Muscle Recovery

By Joy Richards on April 17, 2018

Whether it’s hitting the track, cycling the roads, or rowing rivers, one thing all athletes have in common is the...

iSleep Better With It: A Look at the Sleep Tech Industry

By Tom Simpkins on April 13, 2018

There are few things that technology can’t enhance these days, ranging from transforming the simple to the sublime with cooking...

You Made Your Bed Now Sell it to Tate: How a Bed Became Art

By Tom Simpkins on April 9, 2018

Art can be an odd medium at the best of times, though it becomes incomprehensible to most when we look...

Counting Sheep and Camels: How Different Cultures Sleep

By Tom Simpkins on March 29, 2018

Though one might expect beds to be fairly alike across the world, one would be certain that the act of...

Choosing the Best Mattress for a Heavy Person

By Joy Richards on March 27, 2018

No matter your height, size or sleeping style, everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. But if you’re overweight or obese...

Is Too Much Sleep Bad For You?

By Joy Richards on March 20, 2018

For some of us, there may be nothing more pleasing than the thought of a long, unbroken sleep. And in...

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