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The Best Bedtime Books: The List in Full

By Joy Richards on March 3, 2019

To celebrate World Book Day, we conducted an enormous piece of research to find out once and for all which...

How Many Springs Are in a Good Mattress? & Other Pocket Sprung FAQs

By Joy Richards on March 1, 2019

Shopping for a mattress can be an incredibly daunting process, with the endless technical terms, it can sometimes feel like...

World Book Day: 10 Familiar Faces Reveal Their Best Bedtime Reads

By Rachel Ross on February 28, 2019

Author of the best-selling book series of all time JK Rowling once said: “I will defend the importance of bedtime...

World Book Day: The Secret Behind a Brilliant Bedtime Story

By Carli Fish on February 28, 2019

Forget warm sheep and counting milk (or is that the other way around?), when it comes to sending our little...

This is Just the Veganning: Introducing Vegan Furniture into Your Bedroom in 2019

By Nikita Alexander on February 19, 2019

As society grows, we are getting much less ignorant about the suffering of animals for human vanity, with veganism being...

8 Ways to Add Space In a Small Bedroom

By Nikita Alexander on February 18, 2019

Whether you’re stuck within the confines of a city centre apartment or want to join the hype and reduce your...

How to Use the Pantone of the Year 2019 in Your Bedroom Makeover

By Joy Richards on February 9, 2019

It’s official: the colour of the year for 2019 is ‘coral’! Pantone, the provider of professional colour standards, has revealed...

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

By Nikita Alexander on February 7, 2019

Everyone’s talking about the art of tidying up and the impact it could have on your life, all thanks to...

Book Review: Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker

By Joy Richards on February 6, 2019

I’ve never needed much convincing to laze in bed on a Sunday morning, or, compensate for lost sleep by drifting...

It’s Like I’m Sleepwalking: How is Sleepwalking Misrepresented in the Media?

By Tom Simpkins on January 31, 2019

Here at Happy Beds we love to discuss how the country, the media and even the world thinks about the...

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