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Pastel VS Floral

Pastel VS Floral

It's finally April! You know what that means...Easter, chocolate, and of course, a lot of spring interior design. To celebrate the longer, and warmer, days ahead of us, today we're looking at two spring favourites; pastels and florals.

But which Spring trend comes out on top? Let's find out!


A Brief History of Pastels

According to Mall Galleries, pastel colours first appeared in the 16th century and found approval with many of the acclaimed artists of that time. However, it wasn't until the 18th century that pastel colours became more widely popular.

As for home interiors, the pastel trend didn't really kick off until the 1980s. Historically seen as associated with children and femininity, the '80s changed the view of pastel colours forever and introduced this trend to new spaces.

The Use of Pastels

Not only are pastel colours super pretty, but they also have other benefits too.

The lighter shades of pastel colours can be used to brighten and freshen up spaces. Pastels also have calming properties, and when added to a room, can help achieve a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Pastel colours can also be used to create a statement. Instead of layering various pastel colours, try taking a larger piece of furniture in baby blue or dusty pink, and placing it amongst darker colours, which will create a striking contrast that puts the pastel at the centre of attention.

How to introduce pastels to your bedroom

Not sure where to start with pastel interiors? Try building up on your soft furnishings (think rugs and throws) which will help create a relaxed space full of layered, powdery hues of pastel colours.

A little makes a big difference.

Once you become more confident, start by adding pastel on a wider scale to your room - maybe get some light pink bedding, or purchase some violet curtains. You could even get yourself a pastel-coloured headboard - we recommend our Cornell Cotton Headboard that comes in a wide range of colours, including a lovely duck egg blue.


A Brief History of Florals

As mentioned by Vanilla Interiors, the timeline of florals is a varied one. First appearing in the 1950s, the floral trend boomed and floral upholstery became increasingly popular. Soon sofas upholstered with floral prints became commonplace - ruffled skirting included!

From the 1950s to the 2000s many changes were made to floral interior design. Prints became bolder and brighter, floral wallpaper increased in popularity and people even started placing silk bouquets in their homes.

Over time, the floral trend has never really died out. Although, we're quite happy the floral sofas have decreased in popularity!

More recently, florals have been saved for smaller interior pieces, such as prints or cushions. These florals take up less space yet have just as much of an impact, and when tastefully placed, can change the atmosphere of a room.

The Uses of Floral

When you buy a bouquet of flowers, you do so because you want your space to look appealing, fresh and welcoming. The use of floral interior design is to produce the same effect.

Many people use physical flowers as a way of adding charm to a room - but why can't floral prints do the same? Well, it turns out that they can.

We think the most charming rooms are ones that hold some character, and using florals in your design definitely adds some personality to a space. They can be soft, bold, bright, dark - the floral trend is versatile and isn't held back by design.

How to use florals in your home

Florals can be used in so many different ways, subtle prints or bold feature walls, it's entirely up to you.

If you're wanting to go bold, then we suggest adding a feature wall or furniture piece which will contrast with the other colours and become the key focal point of your room.

Alternatively, if you'd like to achieve more of a subtle floral look, try adding some floral decor such as wall prints, decorative bouquets or sofa cushions. Using floral home decor in this way will add the finishing touches to the room, and inject warmth and colour into the space.

So which trend comes out on top?

We could never decide between florals or pastels, it’s like choosing a favourite child!

But what about you? Are you team pastels or team florals? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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